Pamper Yourself for Less: At Home Spa Day Ideas Anyone Can Do

Posted June 15, 2021 by in Beauty

While a trip to the spa can be relaxing and pampering, it could set you back a hundred dollars or more. 

But the good news is you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to have a luxurious spa experience. There are a variety of at-home spa day ideas that are sure to please and pamper you! You can make it a fun day with friends, or enjoy your me-time. 

If you’re ready for some at home spa day ideas, here are 8 that you’re sure to love:

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1. Comfy Clothing

It can’t be a true spa day unless you’re wearing the comfiest and coziest clothes! This makes your spa day even more relaxing because you’re not constricted by jeans or other clothing that makes you uncomfortable. 

To have the utmost spa day, slip on your robe, slippers, and anything else that is comfortable for you!

2. Set the Ambiance

When you walk into a spa you might be welcomed by a relaxing ambiance: candles, low lighting, relaxing music, wonderful smells, and so on. At home, if you have a busy and bustling family, it definitely won’t reflex a spa-like atmosphere!

While you don’t need to set up your home exactly like a spa, do concentrate on making the ambiance to what you love. This could be putting on your favorite music, lighting a few scented candles, or just sitting in your bathroom away from the noise! Whatever it is, set the atmosphere in a way that encourages relaxation. 

3. Makeovers

One of the at-home girl spa day ideas you might want to consider is makeovers. Makeovers require you to take turns applying makeup in fun and creative ways. You can use any type of makeup you want from foundation, powder, blush, and so forth, and click website to see how to keep all your makeup together!

Remember to follow sanitary rules when sharing makeup. You’ll need to clean brushes and change tools with each person so there’s no exchange in bacteria. 

4. Masks

Facial masks are a key component in crafting the perfect spa day! There are a variety of facial masks that you can purchase over the counter. For even more ultimate DIY spa day at home ideas, you could make your own facial masks using ingredients in your own home!

Make sure you buy facial masks that are right for your skin type. You don’t want to use one that will aggravate or dry out your skin, causing redness, irritation, or rashes. Be sure to follow the directions on the mask appropriately to avoid irritation. 

5. Mani-Pedis

Mani-pedis are a spa staple. There are a few ways to do a mani-pedi at home. 

First, you need to make sure you have a manicure kit filled will tools, like a nail clipper, cuticle pusher and trimmer, filer, and more. This will give you a spa-like manicure versus simply cutting your nails down. If you want to, you can invest in a LED lamp that curates gel nail polish so you get a spa-like manicure or pedicure.

You’ll need to soak your fingers first to soften the nail and cuticle to make it easier to push and trim. Use a bowl of warm water and soak the desired hand for about five minutes. Then, dry your hand and use your opposite hand to trim and cut your fingernails. 

For your pedi, you can invest in an at-home foot soaker complete with bubble jets. It’s portable and allows you to get that spa feeling when you soak your feet. Or, you can simply soak them in warm water in your tub or bin, but be sure to sanitize afterward. 

6. Baths

A bath is a perfect addition to your at-home spa experience. Fill up your tub with warm water (however warm you can tolerate) and add bubbles, essential oils, bath salts, bath bombs, body scrubs, or whatever else you want to make it a luxurious experience. 

Plan on spending about 20 minutes in the bath to get the most out of your soak. Too long of a bath can lead to skin problems and infections if you’re doing it frequently. 

7. Essential Oils

Whether you use them in a diffuser or your bath, essential oils are a must-have for your spa day! They change your atmosphere using powerful scents and they may have health properties that soothe your skin and lighten your mood. 

It’s important to remember to use essential oils safely. This means using a carrier oil to dilute them if applying topically, and not putting too many drops in your diffuser. 

8. Hair

With so much focus on skin and mood, it’s time to talk about hair! While you don’t have to focus on getting an updo or anything fancy for your spa day, you should give your locks a little bit of love. 

You can start by doing a deep conditioning treatment or a hair mask. Both of these work to restore and bring life back into your hair especially if it’s overly dry or brittle from chemicals or more. Giving your hair this small bit of attention will do wonders for its health. 

You can purchase hair masks or deep conditioners online or in the store. Be sure to follow directions when using. 

Do You Love These At Home Spa Day Ideas?

These at home spa day ideas can help propel you to a spa day you’ll never forget and leave your pockets full for other things. Decide which spa day activities you want to do and carve out time to make it happen!

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