Relax and Unwind: 7 Effective Stress Relief Tips for Busy Schedules

Posted October 2, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
woman doing yoga next to her dog

There’s no escaping stress. Built into our bodies is a system for helping us cope with stress that’s been a part of our existence for thousands of years.

Still, you can manage stress to make it more manageable. Here are 7 effective stress relief tips to keep your zen throughout the day:

1. Yoga

When you wake up in the morning, get your blood flowing with a few yoga postures. Choose postures that open up your chest so that the blood has a chance to reach all of your extremities while you stretch.

Remember to breathe through each pose to make it easier for any tight joints.

2. Eat Well

Whole foods are your friend when you’re looking to manage stress. Too much processed food brings its own stress to the body.

Experts link poor gut health to a variety of diseases. Diseases in the body begin when your cells are attacked.

Fresh foods bring your cells the nutrients they need to thrive even if you have the occasional junk food. Aim for at least 80 percent of your diet being whole foods.

3. Meditate

One of the oldest ways to manage stress is to focus on your breathing. Even if you aren’t religious, meditation is helpful in quieting your mind and bringing on a sense of peace.

Sometimes meditation helps our adrenal system simply by taking away unnecessary thoughts for a few minutes. Aim for around five minutes of meditation each day.

4. Drink More Water

Another common stress management tool is increasing your water intake. Drinking more water means your body’s systems are getting the support they need.

When you’re dehydrated, it can lead to things like brain fog which slows down your reactions. Slower reactions are stressful especially when you’re used to performing at a higher rate.

5. Wear Soothing Colors

There is a time and a place for a bright red sweater. Bright colors represent good cheer, but they do stimulate the eyes.

If you want to feel calm, wear calming colors that ease your mood when you look at them.

6. Avoid Naysayers

Negative people can turn your positive mood into a downer. Avoid people who complain too much and don’t see solutions in the face of problems.

You might not notice right away, but their attitude will slowly chip away at yours.

7. Try Supplements

Sometimes the body is stressed because it’s not getting enough nutrients that are difficult to get from food. You can take vitamins to supplement your diet to make sure it’s balanced.

You can also try supplements that help with stress that aren’t apart of your typical body chemistry. For example, cbd can help with stress and even a good night’s sleep.

Finding the Right Stress Relief Tips

Stress relief tips are good for getting you started on a peaceful journey. You’ll find new suggestions that work well for you over time.

Being in a state of relaxation draws other like activities to you as you put out more positive energy. For more information and tips, visit our blog for udpates.