Simple Health Tips to Enjoy on the Cheap This Winter

Posted October 21, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
how to be healthy during the winter

Many of us are prevented from staying healthy and fit because of the costs associated with well-being and fitness. While the celebrities in glossy magazines can afford all the wellness remedies and personal trainers under the sun, you’re budgeting throughout the pandemic and finding that you have no space to invest in health fixes that cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. 

Happily, though, health and fitness doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg, as the following set of tips will show you:


Let’s begin with exercise: it’s something we’re all aware can be done on the cheap. Indeed, running in your local area is almost entirely free if you have a suitable pair of shoes to do it in. Swimming, if you’re close to a lake or to the sea, is likewise a free activity.

Cycling, meanwhile, is the perfect daily exercise for those who already own a bike, and for those who don’t, they can be found for under $100 on the reseller and second-hand market.

And, while gym membership fees may continue to be prohibitive for many, there are a number of ‘home workout’ professionals who offer their classes for free online.

These health professionals will show you all the best exercises to help you remain fit and healthy this winter at a time when home working, and the cold of the outdoors, typically encourages us to spend more time inside. 

Eating and Diet

Your diet has a huge role to play in your overall health and well-being. Recent research has revealed that what you eat not only impacts your body shape and your weight, but it also has a part to play in your emotions and the health of your mind. As such, paying a little extra attention to the food you consume this winter can have huge benefits for both your physical and your mental health.

But how do you invest in the right diet, especially seeing as the cheapest food is always the unhealthiest? The answer is to buy at the cheapest stores and to buy in bulk where possible. Lentils, beans, pasta, and rice can all be bought in large bags which will last you through the winter, providing the staples that you add cooked food to.

Invest in spices and herbs, too, to make your healthy winter food taste that bit better.

CBD Remedies

The rise of CBD oil and other products related to it has been astronomical in the past couple of years. From its position as a relatively niche remedy to its current reputation as a healer for a wide array of maladies, CBD is now touted as a cheap and easy boost to your health. It’s worth looking into the benefits of CBD and how to consume it in your daily life in order to decide if it’ll be beneficial to your health.

One of the big boons of using CBD is for skincare regimes. CBD has a positive effect on your skin, leaving it softer and healthier after continued treatment. With skin typically under a little more pressure in the biting cold of the winter — and with the skin around your face suffering from wearing a mask each day — this is the perfect time to invest in a small, cheap bottle of CBD oil to protect and nourish your skin.

Mental Health

Let’s refocus back on your mental health, something that’s been suffering during the height of the pandemic. You’re not alone, of course: study after study is revealing the huge mental health costs of the pandemic, including its impact on loneliness and anxiety.

This is exactly why it’s so important that you take responsibility for your own mental health this winter, as it can help foster meaningful self-care in the coldest months of the year.

Whether this means keeping in touch with friends and family regularly or setting aside some time each day to concentrate on yourself, self-care should form a big part of your health routine this winter. And it’s totally free; it just takes time and contemplation to find the right self-care routine for you.


Being happy and having fun have never been more important. Whether you’re worried about the health impacts of the virus, you’re concerned about your job, or you’re getting fatigued by the constant bad news around the world, having fun is one of the best remedies to gloomy winter days. Build fun into your lifestyle each week to ensure you’re continuing to live well during this virus-hit winter.

There you have it: the essential tips to maintaining good health this winter…on the cheap, of course!