Stop Mid-Week Burnout With These Top Tips

Posted November 20, 2019 by in Career
woman holding her head at computer

If you have had a long day at the office, then there’s a high chance that you’re feeling burnt out and a little under the weather. If this is the case, then this is your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down and take a break. If you don’t then you may find that you end up paying the consequences:

how to stop burnout

Go for a Walk

Exercise has proven time and time again that it is able to improve your overall health while also relieving stress. It’s also ideal if you want to boost your workplace productivity as well. If you want to de-stress after work then go for a walk, do some yoga or even try your hand at running.

Any activity that boosts your heart rate and gets you sweaty will relieve some of the pent-up emotional and physical stress you are experiencing. It will also equip you with the tools that you need to cope with whatever tomorrow throws at you.


Another way that you can reduce stress is through painting. When you are focused on creating your masterpiece, you will soon find that your mind wanders from some of the issues that you are experiencing.  If you aren’t quite sure what art you should be doing, then why not try your hand at coloring books, Paint by Number Kits or Paint by Numbers.

Either way, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you focus on really putting your mind to the task at hand.

Play a Game

If you just don’t have time for any of the above then this is understandable, but there are ways that you can de-stress without having to leave your seat. There are tons of games that you can download onto your phone such as blackjack. Check out this guide by Borgata to find out more.

Cook a Great Meal

If you’re not much of a chef then you might not want to cook a really luxurious or gourmet meal as soon as you leave the office. However cooking can easily help you to reduce stress and you may even find that you can tap into your creative side more as well.

If you have the skill, spend a bit of time cooking something really hearty and also take the time to plan out other meals in the week as well. This will help you to really unwind and have something to look forward to.

Turn off your Screen

Are you one of those people who checks their email before even getting out of bed? If so then this needs to stop. If you are around technology too much out of work, then this will almost certainly stress you out. If you want to help yourself here, then why not read a magazine instead? When you are having your coffee, put your device down and don’t check it until you are finished. When you do, you will soon find that you are able to relax more and that you are also able to take your mind off work.

How do you prevent burnout? Let us know in the comments below!