Summer Nail Art Trends You Should Totally Try

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summer nail art

I’m a nail art fanatic, and I have been regularly getting nail art since 2016. Since I’m so used to having chic nails, I feel naked without polish now. I started to get nail art as a way to control a bad habit…nail biting.

I’ll admit, it’s a very gross habit. I was always envious of the gals that had both long nails, and nails in fun colors. I wanted it to be me so bad! Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn’t stand having any length to my nails. Now I have relatively long natural nails and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I was able to break my bad nail biting habit by getting nail art with gel polish. At first, I couldn’t handle any length. Once my nails started going over the edge, I had to get them done again. Three years later, I no longer bite my nails and they are long. You can see my nail growth and nail art journey below.

Note: Most of my nail art was done by an extremely talented manicurist named Kimberly Alexander. I found her during my time working at PRIV. If you live in the New York area, you should totally book her. Just message her on Instagram! If my nails were not done by Kim, you will see their tagged Instagram or website.

These are some of my favorite summer nail art trends that I have tried:

Oil Spill Foil Nail Art

This was my very first time getting nail art. Foil is a fun way to have nail art without spending a fortune. This was a regular manicure (not gel). The below look was by Leezy Amado. Message her on Instagram to book her in NYC: @dipmelimegreen

Foil nail art!

Andy Warhol “Bananas” Nail Art

This was my first time getting gel, I haven’t looked back since. As you can see…short and stubby.

Andy Warhol inspired nail art

Cherry Nail Art

I had a thing with fruit when I first started getting nail art. Bananas, then cherries. This elaborate and detailed nail art look was done by Kimberly Alexander: @nailartkim

Cherry nail art

Palm Tree Nail Art

After the fruit, I decided to go with a plant; a palm to be exact!

Summer nail art trends

Rose Gold Nail Art

This is another amazing creation by Kimberly Alexander via PRIV.

Negative space nail art

Cath Kidston Inspired Nail Art

I have always loved the prints by Cath Kidston and I think this was my favorite nail art look of all time. I was obsessed and I was devastated when I had to change it up. This was also my first time growing my nails out.

Cath Kidston inspired nail art

Marble Nail Art

This was a fun look, and the marble nail art trend is still alive and well.

Marble nail art

Nail art trends to try

Nails by @nailartkim // Makeup by @beautibylisa

Pastel Chrome Nails

Whenever I can’t make up my mind when it comes to nail art, my tried and true is chrome. I pick a fun color (lavender in this case) and get the chrome powder. If they have it, I get the shattered glass on one nail as well.Chrome nail art

Colorful Nail Art

This was a fun look I tried last summer.

Colorful nail art

Gold Foil Nail Art

This is another easy nail art look that is great for those on a budget. Foil tends to be the most affordable and the person doing your nails doesn’t need to have impressive art skills to do it. A lot of my nail art has been done by true artists, so they are able to do fine lines with a ton of detail (like Kim’s cherry nail art and Cath Kidston nail art).

This look is fun and easy, just pick your favorite color and ask for the foil on one or two nails per hand.

Summer Nail Art Trends You Should Totally Try

Abstract Nail Art

How fun is this colorful abstract nail art look?

Summer Nail Art Trends You Should Totally Try

Nude and Gold Sparkle Nail Art

For the gal who likes to keep it simple. Nude gel polish looks so good with gold sparkles. I got these done at Paintbucket in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Summer Nail Art Trends You Should Totally Try

Negative Space Nail Art

Negative space nail art is so fun. You’ll get so many compliments! I know I did.

Negative space nail art

3D Nail Art

I have experimented with 3D nail art a few times. It is way more expensive, so I only get it done for special occasions.

3D nail art!

By Tammi at Coco Nail, Los Angeles.

Nail art perfect for Valentine's Day

By @cynvixiousnails

Summer Nail Art Trends You Should Totally Try

By @cynvixiousnails

Purple, Cream, and Glitter Nails

Okay, so this look isn’t necessarily nail art, but it’s still fun. Pick your favorite color, a matching sparkle polish, and then a nude, white, or cream. This type of manicure is a great option for those who don’t like getting gel. If you do choose to get more elaborate nail art, I highly recommend it be gel.

Paying for nail art using regular polish is kind of a waste of money since it will only last a week or so. When I get nail art, it usually lasts me three weeks due to the gel.

Another great reason to go for a look like this is the price. Most salons won’t charge you any extra for picking three colors instead of just one.

Summer Nail Art Trends You Should Totally Try

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