The Benefits That Are Associated With Becoming an Esthetician

Posted September 20, 2021 by in Career

Considering a career change? You’re not alone. Over half of the U.S. workforce anticipates making a career change in the next year.

Let’s face it. You want a career that pays well and is fulfilling. That’s why you should consider becoming an esthetician.

More people are paying attention to their skincare routines, and that means they’ll need estheticians to administer treatments. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this exciting career.

Career Paths

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, skincare specialist jobs are projected to increase 29% between 2020 and 2030. That is much faster than the national average rate of growth for most jobs. This means that you’ll be entering a field clamoring for employees like you.

Estheticians have many career options as well. You may work in a clinic that specialized in skin care treatments, or you may work in a spa. You may even find yourself employed at a doctor’s office.

An esthetician also has a flexible schedule. Skincare clinics frequently operate by appointment, meaning you can work around your family or school obligations. There’s no rigid 9-5 schedule, which makes this an ideal career path for people who need flexibility. 

Daily Variety

If you crave a career where every day is different, then this might be the best career for you. Every client has different skincare needs, you’ll have a lot of variety in the work you do. 

You’ll get to work with a diverse set of clients. Some people will want to look younger, while others may need help reducing scar visibility. Imagine the joy a client would feel when a traumatic scar is less visible after treatments.

Skincare treatments provide clients with an opportunity to relax, which is often something people are unable to do easily. As an esthetician, you help reduce stress while helping people reach skincare goals. There are many emotional rewards in an esthetician career.

Becoming an Esthetician

The path to becoming an esthetician differs by state. Most states require that you are a licensed esthetician when seeking employment in a skincare specialist position. 

To get that license, you’ll need some sort of training and to take an exam. Most people take classes through a beauty or esthetician school. You’ll then have a certain number of hours of training that you’ll need to complete before you can take the licensing exam.

Some states allow for apprenticeships instead of training that you’d get in a school setting. Make sure you look into your state’s requirements when you select your educational program.

Once you’ve completed your training, the next step is to pass the exam and pay your license fees. Make sure you are aware of any further educational requirements in order to keep the license.

Get Training Today

Becoming an esthetician is a smart career move. People need your help in solving their skincare problems, and you’ll have the opportunity to make good money. Start your esthetician education today and set yourself up for a successful future. 

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*Photos by Arina Krasnikova