The Best Fake Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

Posted February 24, 2021 by in Beauty

Fake eyelashes are one of the best beauty inventions ever! Thicker eyelashes are wanted by most women, mostly because it gives them a va-va-voom look. 

They can bring an enchanting look to your face if done well. It is indeed adorable to see someone flutter their pretty, long lashes. Fake lashes come to our rescue since all of us are not blessed with thick, long eyelashes. Makeup artists use false lashes to make your eyes pop, and others use different tips and tricks to make the natural lashes look thick. 

If you don’t have time to grow your lashes, there’s always an option to buy fake lashes and get ready for the party. 

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We all know that fake lashes will add depth to our eyes and make them look amazing, but it gets even better if you use the right kind of fake lashes for your eye shape. You may have almond-shaped eyes, or it might be pretty much like the fish in the sea. We bet you have heard that line from the handsome man in the bar. 

What we’re saying is that you need to buy lashes that suit your eye shape. Now, you might think that would make picking the product more complicated. Don’t worry! We have made it easy for you:

Type of Eye Shape and Suitable Eyelashes 

1. Almond eyes 

These have long eyelids, and when your eyes are open, the iris is not completely visible, stays in between the eyelids. If you are one of those lucky fellows with gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, go on and pick whatever eyelashes you want. Almost any kind would look pretty on you, accentuating your eyes, giving your face a stunning look.

2. Round eyes

Big, bright, and beautiful round eyes! People with round eyes will have their iris completely visible when their eyes are open. Fake lashes with more length towards the ends are more suitable for you. Add more drama to your looks with curly, long, seductive lashes!

3. Hooded eyes 

So, having hooded eyes mean that some of your eyelids stay under the skin fold above your eyes. It can make your eyes appear small. So, our objective is to make them look wider. Choose eyelashes thick in the center to give a brighter look to your eyes. 

4. Deep-set eyes

Now, don’t confuse these with hooded eyes. Deep-set eyes mean you have prominent brow ridge that will make your eyes look like they are sitting deeper inside your eye sockets. You can go for thick, dense, long eyelashes, and they won’t steal the attention away from the rest of your face, thanks to your eye shape!

5. Down-turned eyes

You probably have down-turned eyes if your eyes have a downward tilt towards the end. So, the fake lashes are supposed to lift them. To do this job, you can rely on a cat-winged eyelash. It will give an uplifting feel at the ends of your eyes.

6. Close-set eyes

The term denotes the distance between your eyes. If you have less than one eye distance between the pair of eyes, that means you have close-set eyes. To make them appear stretched out, choose eyelashes that are longer towards the ends.

Bride showing off her bridal makeup and dress.

Makeup is about highlighting your features, and simple mistakes like picking a mismatched false eyelash can ruin your whole look!

Since there are different kinds of fake lashes available today to suit all types of eye shapes, all of us can pull off a magnetic, enchanting eye look! All you have to do is find out your eye shape and pick the most suitable and best fake eyelashes to make them look more mesmerizing!

*Photos by Candice Picard