The Proper Ways to Moisturize Your Skin

Posted August 2, 2022 by in Beauty

Retaining sufficient moisture is essential to keep your skin from getting dry. But that could be a problem if you’re accustomed to frequent bathing and using harsh soaps or live in colder climates. 

Daily moisturizing is a great way to reduce your chance of developing extreme skin dryness. However, though it has long been a part of skincare routines, many people don’t know which one to use and how to apply it correctly. 

If you’re keen to ensure optimal results, learn how you can adequately moisturize your skin by reading on. 

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What Type of Moisturizer To Use

Any good skin care regimen involves moisturizing regularly. While it’s easy to use anything you see on the skincare aisle, using the wrong product can bring more damage to your skin than good. Irritants can get past the surface layer, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. 

Note that some products like SkinCeuticals for daily moisture are better than others, depending on your skin type and condition. But generally, moisturizers come in the following three main types, and the best one depends on your skin type and needs. 

  1. Emollients: This moisturizing treatment softens the skin, leaving every part lovely and unwrinkled. Often used to help manage aging, dry, itchy, or scaly skin types, you can apply this moisturizer directly to the skin to relieve and hydrate it. 
  1. Humectants: This moisturizer attracts moisture from the air to your skin. With a tendency to spread and increase skin barrier function, it helps the skin feel more comfortable and less prone to itch. While it’s excellent for all skin types, this moisturizer is most beneficial if you have oily skin. 
  1. Occlusives: This moisturizer seals in moisture and prevents water loss from the skin’s surface. Acting as a physical barrier, it protects the skin from external irritants. This moisturizing treatment is best for extremely dry skin and certain skin conditions like eczema. 

When Is The Best Time To Moisturize?

Most skin care professionals recommend moisturizing two times every day. You can do it in the morning, typically right after you take a bath or shower. This will help keep out irritants from your skin and retain moisture and hydration throughout the day. 

Applying moisturizer after you cleanse your face or skin at night can help undo the damage during the day. According to research, skin cells most effectively repair themselves during nighttime. You can take advantage of it by moisturizing your skin before bedtime to help keep it optimally moisturized and protected.

How To Properly Apply a Moisturizer

While regular moisturizing is a great way to prevent blemishes and other skin issues, using a thick and heavy moisturizer without proper cleansing can cause more damage. It’s always essential to use a moisturizer on clean skin. Plus, the order in which you apply the moisturizing product also matters. 

If you moisturize before cleansing and exfoliating, the moisturizer could block other skin care treatments from fully penetrating the skin. With clean hands, apply an almond-sized amount of moisturizer to your skin. Consider starting with the cheeks on the face and spreading it using strokes upward. Also, ensure not to rub too hard to avoid skin irritation. 

Note that the time of year and changing climates can influence your skin. For example, skin tends to be dryer in the winter, so using moisturizer in ointments and creams can be a better solution. Meanwhile, switching to a lotion or oil-free moisturizer is best for intensive skin hydration during summer. 

Get the Most Out of Daily Moisturizing

Choosing the right moisturizer and equipping yourself with the proper application can improve hydration in your skin. But, while it significantly creates a protective layer of moisture that lasts all days, applying a moisturizer is one element of keeping your skin healthy. Frequent exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating certain foods can help your skin retain moisture. 

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