Tips on Building a Wardrobe

Posted December 14, 2021 by in Fashion

It is the dream of many to have their wardrobe built to be efficient and chic. However, this is not always the case. Probably due to the different pieces of clothing one buys over some time. One might hesitate to get rid of them even though they are lightly used. Fixing such mistakes in one’s wardrobe and building a new collection are very similar tasks. They require knowledge of the types of clothing and accessories and ways in which they can be paired. Custom-tailored clothing has also become quite familiar with modern techniques that companies like Balancé made to measure suits

Keep in mind that fixing or building a wardrobe is not an overnight process. One’s budget and overall dedication mainly influence the time taken to do this. On average, it takes around six months to a year to get a complete wardrobe set up. This allows one to buy in small quantities over time. It also lets one get clothing specific to the season they are in. The quality of the items is vital as they are expected to last a long time. 

Woman wearing a chic black suit.

Control Impulse Buys

There are tons of accessories and clothes being promoted as part of trends through various avenues like social media. They are designed to pique the internet of the consumer and are pretty efficient in doing so. Many people get the urge to buy the items showcased by their favourite influencer on Instagram.

However, one should resist this temptation and let it pass. This type of buying will do no good to anyone’s wardrobe.  The last thing you want to deal with when building your wardrobe is buyer’s remorse.

Right Sizes

This might seem very easy to do as people rarely get clothes that aren’t their size. But many tend to buy clothes size lower as motivation to work out. In reality, this does not have much effect. Wearing tight clothes will only make one miserable. It would also make one hesitant to try new styles and wear what they are comfortable in. With the measuring systems companies like Belancé made to measure suits, tailored clothes with great fits can also be efficiently produced.

In the case of branded clothes, one should learn to let go of the numbers. The size specifications can vary from brand to brand, and one should focus on what feels comfortable and looks good. If one is in the middle of a body transformation, getting temporary clothes and accessories is recommended.

Avoid Sales

While sales can be very tempting with their budget-friendliness, they are not always that great. This is because of the way people think while shopping at sales. They justify their purchase by the low cost of the item even though there is very little use for it. This leads people buying loads of clothes and accessories that they don’t like or don’t have a use for. These end up being the unused part of their wardrobes that just take up space.

Sales can also lead to impulse purchases. Probably the only scenario in which deals are good is if you already have that exact piece of clothing and you love it and want more in a different color. Then the purchase makes sense and you’ll know you’ll wear it. While sales a great, it’s actually very easy to find cheap women’s blouses that are perfect for work.

Another thing to realize is that just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean you’re actually getting a deal. A lot of companies will give you an illusion of a discount. For example, you may get an email with 20% off your order, but the company may have hiked their prices up to make it look like it was on sale—when you actually are paying the price it usually costs. We see it all of the time—especially on sites like Amazon and Wayfair.

Be Original

While trends can be a good thing, they shouldn’t be followed blindly. Trends should be used to craft individual styles and personas. This will ensure that one is comfortable in the clothes they wear.   

*Photos by Laura Chouette