Trendy (natural) Beauty Ingredients You’ll Want to Try in 2020

Posted November 20, 2019 by in Beauty
trendy beauty products

Natural, clean, and sustainable beauty products are in high demand. According to Forbes, most consumers are fairly loyal to the brands they use but would be willing to try a new product with those traits.

It’s no wonder that we’ve seen several brands move to more natural ingredients. It’s not only about what’s going into these brands, but it’s also about what’s not going in, like parabens and phthalates. Even the packaging for these brands has become more natural, with features such as recycled or recyclable material and vegetable-based ink.

Why Natural Is On The Rise

It wasn’t too long ago when a product in the beauty aisle was judged mostly on efficacy. Now, most consumer’s heightened awareness of ingredients in their food has transferred to other products as well. Many consumers don’t just want to know if the product works, they want to know what goes into it, what doesn’t, and how the ingredients are sourced.

There’s a growing number of consumers who are hyper-aware of what they’re using and what chemicals are or are not involved. Readily available media has exposed consumers to the effects of many common ingredients, while an increase in online shopping has made it easier than ever to shop, research, and purchase products with more natural formulations.

Activated Charcoal

When you think of charcoal, images of backyard barbecues are probably the first thing that comes to mind. While those little bricks do magic for a burger, it does nothing for your skin.

The activated charcoal used in beauty products isn’t the same as that kind of charcoal. Activated charcoal is manufactured specifically to bind to toxins for easier elimination by the body. Activated charcoal’s high absorption of other material is why you’ll see this ingredient pop up in all sorts of products but especially in things like activated charcoal soap and teeth whitening.

Two More Must-Try Ingredients

With so many choices in stores and an endless aisle of beauty products available online, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with too many choices. Here are two more ingredients to be on the lookout for:

  • Avocado

The healthy fats found in avocados have made this a staple for many people who are adding them to everything from sandwiches and salads to spreads and dressings. The benefits of avocados aren’t to be enjoyed just in one’s diet.

Beauty products are taking advantage of the high antioxidants found in avocados, like vitamin E and vitamin C. Vitamin E is essential for combating oxidative stress while vitamin C is necessary for the creation of collagen. The oils found in avocado can penetrate deep into the skin to keep it soft, flexible, and hydrated.

  • Hemp

Hemp is a relative newcomer on the beauty scene as well as its close cousin CBD. Even though hemp is derived from the same plant as CBD oil, they aren’t the same. Hemp, which is derived from cold pressing hemp seeds, isn’t the same as the CBD oil derived from the flower.

Hemp gained popularity from the sustainability of the plant. However, it has many other redeeming qualities such as its anti-bacterial properties and strong fibers. It is a good choice for woven products like clothing, bags, and even dog beds.

Hemp is a popular ingredient, especially among people with sensitive skin because it is antibacterial and doesn’t clog pores. This ingredient also claims to calm redness in the skin and includes some UV protectant

Natural Beauty Ingredients

These are just a few of the trending ingredients found on the market today. There are many other notable ingredients like CBD oil and coconut oil that are gaining popularity and are just as worthy of a trial. What is most important is finding products that work for you and your unique skin and lifestyle.

Many other ingredients on the market may provide the same benefits as those mentioned above, but these natural alternatives are gaining popularity for a reason. These ingredients are earning the respect and dollars of consumers because they provide so many benefits with no harmful ingredients. If you’re open to trying new products, be on the lookout for these popular ingredients.

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