Get Your Closet Ready for Fall with Our Wardrobe Overhaul Tips

Posted September 16, 2015 by in Fashion

There is a lot of emphasis nowadays on being organized, ready for anything, and having the perfect balance in our lives of holistic health, happiness, work and leisure. There’s also a bit of pressure on us to look stunningly gorgeous and effortlessly put-together while maintaining our balance (and then it doesn’t hurt if everything is Insta-perfect at the same time). Sounds tough, right?

Something that always makes me feel like I’ve got things all together, even when I might be a bit stressed at work or struggling to fit everything in is when I know that my wardrobe and my clothes are organized, and that I have plenty of great outfit combinations that are effortlessly trendy.

I always make sure that I do a spring clean and a seasonal overhaul of my wardrobe every few months, as this makes getting ready in the mornings or the evenings a total breeze, and somehow that always makes me feel like everything else is going smoothly! After all, it’s very rewarding when we look at our lives and see that things are ticking along nicely and I find it makes for a more positive overall outlook – so let’s take a look at a couple of simple tips which will help you to spring clean your wardrobe (and in the process – your life!).

Tip One — Get online!

I know that before the advent of online shopping and of buying dresses online, I would sometimes find my shopping time more of a stressful endeavor than the fun and lighthearted time that it should be! I was struggling to get to the shops to go shopping and would often have to squeeze in an hour of trying on jeans in the shops after work, because my weekends were filled with sports, socializing, and other commitments. This led to me developing almost an aversion to having to shop, which then made getting ready in the mornings a tough chore as I didn’t have any of the outfits that I really needed or wanted.

Enter the world of online shopping and suddenly I have heaps of time to buy outfits, and I can even shop at multiple stores and multiple suppliers from the comfort of my bed in the evening. A time that suits ME. Plus, with the way that online shopping works nowadays, it’s super easy to order things and then if they don’t fit or aren’t as you thought they’d be, (too short, too sheer etc) you can always return them. Easy peasy!


Tip Two — Consult the stylists of the online world

Save yourself from doing all of the hard work by getting inspiration and advice online! There are a ton of online stylists, bloggers, and fashionistas that seem to have a number of stylish outfit combinations you could learn from. To make it easier, try to find an influencer that you can relate to: similar height, style, hair color, skin tone, and budget. For me, getting fashion inspiration from someone who’s 5’9″ and wears head-to-toe designer wouldn’t be ideal.


Audrey of Lulu Linden

Tip Three — Be ruthless

Admit it — do you have a bunch of outfits lurking in your closet that you haven’t worn for seasons but simply can’t bear to part with? If your clothes are all designer heirlooms, then it makes sense for you to store them carefully for future generations, but if it’s just a striped top from a cheap store and you’re being lazy, then you need to be more ruthless. This will cull the meaningless ephemera from your wardrobe lineup and leave your eyes free to choose from the choice pieces.


Remember, shop online, use the online stylists at your disposal, and cull ruthlessly – this will guarantee a successful wardrobe overhaul.