Wedding Colors—Your Besties Will Shine in These Chic Bridesmaids Dresses​

Posted April 19, 2022 by in Fashion/ Lifestyle
bride and bridesmaid in emerald green dress laughing together

The past two years have been tough on all industries, but especially the wedding industry. Thankfully we have reached a new tier of the pandemic and things are starting to reawaken after a dormant two years. That means weddings are going to be more fun than ever. If you’re a newly engaged couple, you’re likely getting excited about planning your big day.

When it comes to planning your wedding, a lot needs to be considered—your budget, your guest list, your venue, your food…the list seems endless. If you just started planning your wedding, one of the big things you need to consider are your wedding colors. Your wedding colors are going to guide you through a lot of your planning and will be a big help when you need to make decisions. But what should your wedding colors be, and where are your wedding colors displayed? Usually your colors are worn by your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as being thoughtfully displayed via flowers and decor throughout your venue.

If you’re a bride-to-be who has no idea what color to pick, consider some of the options below. All of your bridesmaid will look stunning in the below wedding colors:

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a beautiful color that has been a favorite amongst millennial couples. If your engagement ring is rose gold or you just simply have a soft spot for this feminine color, consider choosing it for your big day. You gals will glow in rose gold long satin bridesmaid dresses. Rose gold looks especially beautiful during the summer. With all the sun and warm tones, rose gold will look striking.

Cheerful bride and bridesmaids in rose gold dresses with beautiful bouquets


Black and white are the most common and most traditional colors—and they are timeless. But what about tweaking it a bit with champagne? Once a big no-no, modern brides are now wanting their bridal party to wear white dresses as well. If you have an ivory dress, consider having your bridesmaids wear champagne mermaid satin bridesmaid dresses. Like the rose gold, champagne will look beautiful for summer weddings.

Bride and bridesmaid in champagne dresses getting their photo taken during a wedding

Emerald Green

Are you looking to go bold? Consider having your bridesmaids wear a striking color like emerald green. It’s a regal color that looks great on all skin tones. This color will look good year-round, but emerald will be extra striking in the fall and winter. Your girls will still be sporting their summer tans, so their emerald green mermaid satin bridesmaid dresses will look especially good against their skin.

Bridesmaids in emerald green dresses enjoying the occasion of a wedding

Regardless of your wedding style, any of the above three would make a good choice.

Are you already married? What were your wedding colors? Let us know in the comments below!