What Is a Swim Spa?—Everything You Need to Know

Posted November 28, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

We all know what a hot tub is, but have you heard of a swim spa? In a nutshell, a swim spa is a combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool, providing a unique mixture of exercise and relaxation in one product.

Swim spas are becoming increasingly more popular thanks to their versatility their ability to provide the user with multiple different options. With a range of different sizes and styles, there is a swim spa to suit a multitude of different requirements and needs.

In this article we’ll be exploring the different types of swim spas, and the benefits of owning one.

What are the benefits of a swim spa?

There are countless benefits of swim spas, providing a range of different options for users and owners.

As swim spas are designed to be used for exercise, the number one benefit is the fact that you can utilise it as a home pool, without the need of masses of space in your back garden or outside area. You can get fit and enjoy the benefits of swimming every day, without the huge expense of investing in a traditional, full-size pool. 

Plus, the swim spa can be kept at a regular temperature, so you don’t have to swim in freezing cold water!

A swim spa provides the perfect two in one option – a pool and a hot tub all in one unit! Exercise combined with relaxation… what more could you want?!

How can a swim spa keep me fit?

Using a swim spa for exercise is simple and easy. Its straightforward to add your swim spa into your fitness regime and it’s a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy.

A swim spa can be used as a mini pool, and it creates a flow of water which you swim against to create a similar effect of swimming in a larger body of water. As a result, swimming in a swim spa can sometimes feel more challenging as it works different muscles harder than a traditional pool. Think of a swim spa as a treadmill for swimming. 

They also offer different levels of resistance so you can tailor your workout based on your requirements and abilities. 

Additionally, swim spas can help improve your swimming skills. By using different resistance and work out programmes on your swim spa you can help build muscle tone and stamina much quicker than traditional swimming.

Relaxing in a swim spa

Of course, a swim spa isn’t just for work outs, they are ideal for rest, relaxation and recouperation. The two in one option with a swim spa means you can enjoy the soothing warmth and bubbles of a hot tub straight after a workout at the flick of a switch… you don’t even have to get out of the water!

Ideal for soothing aching a tired joints and muscles, you get all the benefits of a standard hot tub all rolled into one unit.

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