What You Can Do if You’re Stressed About Lockdown Easing

Posted June 15, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Though the way that the pandemic has been dealt with could be called into question on numerous fronts, one of the things that have been done to an exceptional standard is the rollout of the vaccine. Thanks to the efficiency of vaccinating the most vulnerable and continuing on that trajectory, almost 80% of UK adults have now received at least their first dose. 

With this efficient rollout comes the easing of lockdown, and though we are incredibly excited for the world to gain some level of normality, there is an element of anxiety lingering over many people that few are talking about. If this sounds like you, then that’s okay. People have been separated from social engagements and large crowds for over a year, so of course, it’s expected some will be hesitant at the notion of jumping straight back into it. 

Here are some simple tips that will be able to help you manage your anxieties when it comes to the easing of lockdown:

How to deal with stress and anxiety if you're not ready for the lockdown easing up after a year in solitude during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Take Your Time 

Though lockdown is easing, that doesn’t mean you have to dive headfirst into gigs and raves. Granted, given how long it’s been since you’ve seen so many people, it may be tempting to start making lots of plans and saying yes to everything, but you don’t have to. 

Take your time when re-entering normality, do what is safe and you find comfortable so that you can steadily ease yourself back into socialising. Afterwards, you will be able to build up on the things you do as they become easier for you to do. 

Don’t Avoid Engagements Entirely 

Avoiding things can only build on the anxiety surrounding them. Avoiding things also means that restrictions will be incredibly lax when you eventually do go out, which will be a bigger shock to the system than sitting in a socially distanced pub. Of course, it can be tough, but facing your fears sooner, even if it’s something small like sitting with some friends in the park, can be incredibly beneficial in the long term. 

Practice Stress Relief 

People relieve stress differently, and so you may want to consider exploring different methods and seeing which works for you. This could include meditation, or perhaps trying CBD oil 500mg, mindfulness or keeping a document about what is making you feel stressed. All of these things could have a positive impact; it’s just about finding the one that is right for you. 

Get Your Information from Reliable Sources 

We live in an age where any information can be passed off as incredibly reliable regardless of its merit. Ensure whenever you are looking up information regarding lockdown lifting, case numbers and other pandemic related items that you are getting it from trusted sources, such as the government’s website.

Discuss Meeting Up with People Beforehand 

If you’re feeling anxious before you meet up with people, don’t hesitate to tell them that. Talk about your current situation and let them know you’re hesitant so that they know not to act in a way that could be overwhelming. 

This can extend to people that you may live with as well; let them know when restrictions ease that you are anxious about it so that they know. 

Woman applying mascara in a mirror while wearing a face mask to protect herself from Covid-19.

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