What’s the Best Natural Hangover Cure?

Posted February 5, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
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Let’s face it, hangovers are the worst. We’ve all gone through it, whether it was from a wild night out on the town or just one too many glasses of wine at home. No matter the reason, when you wake up the next day to a hangover, all you can think about is how to get rid of it. 

While many people choose to pop a bunch of ibuprofen or other mild painkiller and crawl back into bed, that’s not the best or healthiest method of getting rid of your hangover. Consider getting rid of hangover anxiety as well before it even starts with Get Sunset.

If you’re looking for a natural hangover cure, we have you covered. Read on for our best remedies, and you’ll be feeling back to normal in no time:

Eat Food (But Not Just Any Food)

When you wake up with a hangover, a lot of times our natural instinct is to Postmates McDonald’s or crawl out of bed and make your way to the nearest diner for eggs and bacon. However, while eating greasy food the night of your drinking can help reduce your chances of a hangover, it won’t help you as much the next morning when you’re already hungover. 

Instead, you should be consuming fruits and vegetables the night after drinking. They’re full of minerals that all the alcohol depleted the night before. If you’re really hungry and craving those greasy foods, go for it, but order a fruit salad or a smoothie with it.

Drink Fluids

Staying hydrated is the tried and true remedy for both preventing and relieving hangovers. Dehydration is the most common reason for getting a hangover, and even though we know that, oftentimes we forget to hydrate with something besides the alcohol we’re consuming. 

Water is obviously the most important fluid to be drinking both during and after a night out. If you know you’re going to forget to drink water at the bar, leave a glass of water next to your bed for when you get home. Your body will thank you in the morning. 

Electrolyte-rich drinks can help your hangover a lot the next day. Whether you’re a party veteran that keeps Pedialyte in your fridge or you have to walk to the corner store to get a Powerade, replenishing your body with electrolytes will get you back to normal in no time. Another way you can quickly rehydrate your body is by getting all the needed supplements intromeniousely. Try one of the best iv fluids for hangover treatment which helps to recover fluids after dehydration and remove toxins from your body. 

For a short term fix for your hangover, consider having a drink the next morning. Hair of the dog is a thing for a reason, but this is only a short term solution and can lead down a dangerous road. If you find yourself drinking every morning to “cure your hangover” you may want to look into the stages of alcoholism and make sure you don’t have a real drinking problem. 

While eating the right foods and drinking the right fluids will help you the next day, the best natural hangover cure is to monitor your drinking or not to drink at all. Simple, right?

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