Why Arabia is a Common Theme in Video Games

Posted March 7, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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If you have been playing games for a while, you likely have across games that use the Arabia theme. Once you see it, you start noticing there are so many games that use this theme. It is unique, but this is just one factor that makes it so appealing. In this article, we are going to be exploring some reasons why so many games, even those from different eras, use the Arabia theme.

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Unique Aesthetics

One thing you will note about many games that are grounded in some sort of reality is that they share the same aesthetics. It is possible to exchange the aesthetics of one game with another without many people realizing it. Things like fonts, architecture, paintings, and other game elements are in many cases exchangeable. However, games that follow an Arabia theme are unique.

Everything about their aesthetics cannot be taken out and used in another game unless the second game falls into a very narrow niche. This uniqueness makes games with an Arabia theme stand out and be very recognizable. This ability to stand out and offer something different is the reason many casino games, such as the Wild Wishes slots, use the Arabia theme.


Middle East, North Africa, and the rest of the region have a lot of history spanning thousands of years. Because of this, there is so much that has happened in this region that developers can pick and use as their game’s anchor point. They can then pick other sections of history, alter them a little, and include those in their games, too.

In short, the long history of the region gives developers a lot of materials to work with and a lot of leeway to craft creative stories and narratives, even when they are not truly in line with history.


Developers want to pick the best music for their games. They want music that moves players while still being true to the game and its themes. Middle Eastern music is rich, and it adds emotion, colour, and magic to a video game when it is used.

This music draws from centuries of culture, tradition, and splendour, and this is why it is so unique. Additionally, it can be used as inspiration for video game music without losing the elements that make it special.

If a developer wants to use this music in their game, they have to use an Arabia theme. Otherwise, the music would feel out of place and the game would feel disjointed.


Contrary to what many people think, the Middle East and adjoining regions cover a massive area. This means game developers have a lot of game settings to choose from when developing their games. From the marketplaces of Egypt to the breathtaking architecture of Turkey, game developers can pick any of these settings and elements for their games.

Having such a vast resource gives developers a lot to work with and the ability to create works that are unique compared to other works that use the same theme. Combine these different settings and regions with their histories and developers have numerous resources to use as inspiration or outright in their games.

Not Bound By Recent History

The Arabia theme is not bound by recent history like some other themes are. Consider games that follow World War II or Cold War themes. Although developers have some creative liberties, they cannot go too far outside what is known.

The Arabia theme does not have this limitation, which affords developers more leeway to tell and retell stories however they want.

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There is no doubt that Arabia is a common theme and setting in numerous games. The theme offers developers various advantages that other themes do not, and this can help explain why it is so popular.