Why Babies Need Noise Cancellation and How White Noise Helps

Posted February 18, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Until they become parents, many people think the saying ‘sleep like a baby’ is true. But when a little bundle of joy (and noise) steps into their home, they realize that there’s not really much truth in it. New parents quickly become well-aware of how hard it can be to put their babies to sleep.

Most of them are trying to address this issue in many different ways – the reasons can be cramps, inadequate room temperature, bad posture, etc. On this page, you can find some helpful advice on how to cope with sleep issues of your newborn. 

Babies will fall asleep easily when nothing’s bothering them. If they’re not in any pain and if the room is quiet, chances are far better that they’ll fall asleep quicker than usual. However, many things may interfere with their daily dose of sleep, and noise is a significant factor of disturbance.

The noise coming from the television or the heavy traffic outside your home influences the baby’s brain in a damaging way, and they won’t be able to have a quality rest. Your ally in the fight for quality sleep of your baby is white noise, a set of tones of a particular frequency that will ‘mask’ all those everyday sounds that can upset your infant. 

Woman holding a sleeping baby

Babies Need a Lot of Sleep

When grown-up people have sleep issues, they feel symptoms like lack of energy, fuzziness, lethargy, and general discomfort. Sometimes they can even experience dizziness that may cause severe problems like fainting.

By knowing these facts, just think about the consequences that lack of sleep could have on your baby’s health. Newborns require a lot of sleep, but during the period of adaption to the new environment, expect many sleepless nights. 

For new parents, finding an easy way to make a baby fall asleep can be a daunting task. It’s not always possible to provide them with a calm and soothing environment. So manufacturers came up with various ideas on how to successfully offer their newborns a relaxing atmosphere so they could sleep as much as they need without interruptions. 

Brands of baby equipment came up with devices reproducing these sounds to help babies fall asleep comfortably by canceling all outside distractions. These small sound generators emit the frequency of white noise to block or neutralize unwanted background sounds.

The Importance of White Noise

Every newborn, in short periods of alertness, learns about the world around them. Every new occurrence, such as noise, lights, unfamiliar faces, causes them a certain amount of stress. All these stimulations reflect on the quality of the baby’s sleep. 

In these situations, the baby needs comfort in the form of a familiar environment. White noise provides precisely that feeling. The white noise is known as the soothing or the ‘positive’ sounds that are the mixture of tones of a specific frequency and repetition which resemble the sounds from the mother’s womb (bloodstream and heartbeat), a baby’s safe and happy place.

The frequency of white noise will not only help your baby calm and fall asleep, but they’ll sleep much more in-depth. The presence of these tones will provide your infant with more extended periods of sleep without waking up.

But you should not expect miracles from white noise generators. If the baby wakes up, most of the time, they need a diaper change, some snuggling, or a bottle. Therefore, these noise cancellation machines are not a cure-all solution. But, when it comes to problems with stress and falling asleep, they can be of significant help.

White Noise Surrounds Us

Newborns have a subtle sense of hearing – specific frequencies bother them, while others don’t disturb them at all. Sometimes it seems that not even the strongest horn could disturb a baby’s dream; sometimes, just a blink of an eye can wake them up. Since they still can’t tell what bothers them exactly, parents have to take numerous precautions measures in preventing all sound disturbance.

The soothing sound of rain, water springs, or mild wind blowing is essential for both parents and their babies. These murmurs will significantly improve the chances for the baby to fall asleep, which will also help its parents to have some much-needed rest. 

Interestingly, these pleasant tones do not just come from nature. Some home appliances, such as hair dryers or vacuum cleaners, also emit frequencies that appeal to baby’s ears. But remember, all babies are different, and white noise won’t have the same effect on every child.

Additionally, white noise can be useful for adults too. In case you wish to relax after a long day at work, or if they want to remain calm during your work hours or traveling, these sounds will help their brains relax. Thus, they’ll feel more energized, and you’ll think clearly without any stress involved.

On the link below, read about the positive influence of these calming sounds on adults:


When you have a baby, everything changes. There is a certain period of habituation that must pass. The lack of sleep (in both parents and baby) is an integral part of it, and it is generally the most significant stress for all new parents. However, it is only a period, and it will finish sooner or later. You just have to do your best to provide your newborn with a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and a lot of love.

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