21 (fun) Things You Can Do at Home While You Practice Social Distancing

Posted March 19, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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So the world is officially on fire—not literally, but it sure does feel like it. We have all had to press pause on our lives while COVID-19 takes over. Never in my life did I expect to experience something like this in my lifetime. Was that silly to feel that way? Maybe. But this is weird, right?

Not trying to make this about me (I know it’s not, we are all struggling), but I’m trying to find little joys in life right now since I feel like my mental health has been through the wringer the past 365 days: a devastating breakup from an amazing person, a scary breakup from an abusive person (many months later), an international move, another big move (hi, LA), cancelled plans to teach English in Vietnam for 3-months, cancelled month-long trip to Dominican Republic, cancelled plans to backpack central Europe, finishing spin instructor training in LA just to have all fitness studios close a week later…I’m not done yet, but I’ll stop. Like I said, I know this isn’t about me, it’s about all of us. We’re all pretty bummed. We all have lives we want to get back to.

However, it is our responsibility to social distance and self-quarantine until further notice. You may be a carrier of the virus and not even know it. Not all people who have the virus show symptoms; that is what makes this virus so terrifying and deadly. Donovan Mitchell, an NBA player for the Utah Jazz, tested positive for the virus without showing a single symptom. He was a silent spreader. I could be a silent spreader, and so could you. So do your part and stay home.

I have family in Italy and I know for a fact that this can get bad. Let’s not make the same mistake as Italy and let’s just listen. We are saving thousands of lives by doing this.

All of that being said, I’m home, you’re home. I’m bored, you’re bored. If our lives must be on-hold, we should at least have some fun while we’re stuck inside. So here are 21 things you can do at home while you practice social distancing to combat COVID-19:

Things to do at home during social distancing

1. Organize Your Home

After all, it is the official first day of spring. So why not get started on your spring cleaning, Marie Kondo style? If something doesn’t bring you joy, throw it away.

Or, put those clothes and items in a blue IKEA bag (I know you have one) and find a temporary home for it. Once this is all over you can either donate those things or plan a clothing swap party.

Not in the mood to organize? Simply rearrange the rooms in your home. A little change may do you some good.

2. Watch Everything on your Netflix List

I personally have a ton of movies and TV shows on my Netflix list. I always have the intention of watching them, but never do, because I’m just too busy (or tired when I get home to start a new thing). Well guess what? We all have time now! Same goes for Disney+, Hulu, and Crunchyroll…

That reminds me…I forgot I have been paying for Disney+ for weeks now. Have I watched anything? Of course not! 🤦‍♀️

3. Plan a Digital Movie Date with Your Bestie

Can’t see your bestie until further notice? Consider watching a movie together…digitally. Pick a movie, pop some popcorn, and look at each other (digitally) when something scary/funny/sad happens. It won’t be the same, but it’s the best we got right now.

4. Facetime With People You Haven’t Seen or Spoken to in Awhile

We all have people that mean the world to us in our lives that we talk to very little, simply because we’re all busy bees. Believe me, you have time now. FaceTime someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile every few days. It will brighten your day in ways you can’t comprehend.

5. Workout!

Now might not be a bad time to sign-up for BeachBody, DanceBody, or BBG workouts.  Plus, many fitness studios are doing their classes online now. The studio I work at here in LA now has HIIT and barre classes digitally (shout out to Hype Silverlake).

My cousin (who lives on the East Coast) teaches Zumba, and she’s doing classes online now, too. I took one this morning! I’m so happy Zumba decided to loosen their restrictions when it comes to online classes. These are trying times, ya’ll!

6. Digitally Tour a Museum

Many museums offer virtual tours on their websites. Why not do a digital tour of the Guggenheim or the British Museum? Get cultured!

7. Download Tik Tok

If you haven’t downloaded Tik Tok yet, this is a warning: you will get addicted

There are so many amusing videos, mostly surrounding dancing. So learn to shuffle and moonwalk during your self-quarantine so you can bust out a few moves when COVID-19 is a thing of the past.

If you’re already on Tik Tok, follow my quarantine shenanigans! Username: @TheAmandaRaye

8. Take Way Too Many BuzzFeed Quizzes

You may have been embarrassed in the past if people were to know you spent 2-hours doing BuzzFeed quizzes. That embarrassment is now a thing of the past. Go ahead, spend your afternoon learning what Disney Princess you are.

9. Meditate With a Jellyfish Video

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has released a soothing video of jellyfish. It is mesmerizing and calming in a creepy way. I highly recommend you give it a go. This aquarium has had a guided meditation with the jellyfish each morning at 8am PT all week, and it looks like it will continue. They also have a livestream of the jellyfish all day (obviously not guided). There are actually 901 people watching that live stream at this very moment!

There’s also a live otter cam and a live shark cam. This pandemic-era content is wild!

10. Read a Book

Probably should be higher up on this list, but oh well. Read a book, ya’ll. Get cozy on your couch, or prop yourself up in bed and get lost in some words. You may even want to start a book club with your friends! Read a few chapters each day and plan a FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype date with your crew to discuss them.

11. Take a Bath

If you have an actual tub in your bathroom, when was the last time you took a relaxing bath? Well…now may be a good time! Light a candle, grab a book, and just soak in the tub to ease your stress and worry.

Hey, you may even want to use one of those face masks you bought months ago (but never used).

12. Start Journaling 

Journaling is so good for the soul, and journaling may be very good for your mental health right now. We all have very few people we can vent to, and we all have a lot on our minds. Let it out by writing it out.

13. Watch Jera Get Married at 4pm EST on Friday, March 20th

It’s the start of wedding season and my heart goes out to all of those who have weddings in the coming weeks. Many have had to cancel and/or postpone their big day. Well…there is an influencer I have been following who has the sweetest demeanor. She also does a great job at spreading positivity to her followers, plus she’s hilarious. Her name is Jera and you should follow her on Instagram right now.

Her wedding is planned for this Friday, but all of her friends are no longer attending, and her fiance’s family (in Australia) will no longer be able to attend, so they cancelled their reception already. She also had to order a backup dress, just in case (her real dress was at a bridal shop that was closed due to Coronavirus). Don’t worry, she was able to get it. Poor girl can’t even get her nails done anymore because all salons are closed, too.

However, Jera is so positive that she would rather have big love instead of a big wedding, and the wedding is still happening. She is going to livestream it via Instagram tomorrow at 4pm. I already put it in my calendar!

14. Watch Death Cab for Cutie Perform Live

Yes, even your favorite musicians are trying to spread joy and positivity while we practice social distancing. Ben Gibbard has been hosting live performances from his home studio. The next one is today at 4pm PT! Follow Death Cab for Cutie on Instagram to stay in the loop for other performances.

You could also spend time finding new music. It’s so easy to get stuck in a music rut from time, and due to the times, it’s likely we’re all going to be stuck at home for awhile. Find new music by exploring streaming services like Spotify and Tidal.

15. Start Listening to Podcasts or Audiobooks

Do you miss multitasking at the office? If so, consider listening to a podcast or an audiobook while you start your spring cleaning. There are so many podcasts out there on a variety of different topics, so pick your poison and listen. Audio books are another great option.

Love Harry Potter? Now is a good time to start listening to the whole Harry Potter series on audio.

16. Experiment with Different Makeup Looks

Okay, how many makeup tutorials do you have saved right now? You may not have anywhere to go for awhile, but you can practice and perfect those looks. We should all know how to do a perfect cat eye in 20 seconds or less when this is all over 😂

Or…get really good at applying false lashes. Because we all know you are not going to make that fill appointment for your lash extensions. Sorry!

17. Learn How to Cook

Are you a millennial with less than ideal cooking skills? Well…get cooking! This is especially great for those quarantined with their roommates. Plus, it has been scientifically proven that cooking is good for your mental health. The more you cook, the better your skills will be.

18. Play Video Games

If you haven’t played video games in awhile, now is a great time. You may even want to splurge and order yourself a Nintendo Switch.

19. Support Your Friends and Family Who Are Out Of Work

Not all people have the luxury of working from home, still making a paycheck. For those who work in hospitality, retail, or the freelance world, things are not good. They are out of work until further notice. This is a big blow for our economy on a global scale. People will not be able to pay rent, restaurants won’t be able to pay rent, your favorite stores won’t be able to pay rent. So what can we do?

There are many GoFundMe pages out there for restaurants at the moment so they can still pay their employees through this difficult time. If you have friends that work in the hospitality industry, ask them if their restaurant has one and donate something if you can. Even just $5 can make a difference! At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

The last thing we want is our area to be void of restaurants and bars when this is all over due to bankruptcy.

If you have a freelancer friend, ask how you can help. They are most likely in-the-know when it comes to organizations trying to help.

20. Do Some Crafts

Did you buy paint or clay months ago with the intention of you know…making something? You just never did? Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it! You could also order some paint, brushes, and a canvas or two on Amazon if you don’t have any crafting supplies.

21. Do a Puzzle

Puzzles can be extremely therapeutic. If you don’t have one, order one on Amazon.

I hope this list inspires you to stay productive during this time of social distancing. If you have not committed to doing a self-quarantine, what are you waiting for? Get your ass inside and follow this list so we can combat COVID-19. We can only defeat the Coronavirus if we do this together. Well…separately, but still together 😉