4 Anti-Aging Tips for Men

Posted August 11, 2021 by in Beauty

As a species, humans are getting older, with each generation outliving the previous ones. That also means that many of us will end up looking older, too. 

As such, the medical research into ageing has grown considerably, and a large market has developed for lotions, ailments, and foodstuffs to help combat the signs of old age. While it’s never been easier to live a long life, it’s also never been easier to stay looking young while you’re living it.

So to help you keep those wrinkles at bay, here’s a list of our top 4 anti-aging tips for men:

1. Combat Signs of Balding

Sadly, many people associate balding with the symptoms of old age. However, this perception doesn’t always correspond to reality – some men as young as 25 already suffer from hair loss and a receding hairline. If you start to lose your hair at a young age, you could be worried about been seen as getting old or infirm.

Thankfully, there are medical solutions to help combat signs of balding in males. Spraying minoxidil over the affected areas of your scalp, for example, helps to widen the blood vessels surrounding your hair follicles. This improves circulation and stimulates hair growth.

2. Look After Your Skin

For some people, detecting the first wrinkles on their skin can be a horrifying moment – a seemingly irreversible first step on the path towards old age. But not all wrinkles are either a necessary or inevitable part of the experience of getting older. 

A meticulous skincare regime was once the preserve of well-to-do women, but many men have since woken up to the advantages of looking after your skin. The key is using moisturizers regularly and consistently and ensuring your skin is regularly kept clean. Effective moisturizers often contain the exfoliant retinol. Retinol galvanizes collagen, a protein that holds the body together and reduces the chances of wrinkles developing.

3. Dust Off The Treadmill

As you get older, you may notice your fitness level gets worse – perhaps you get more out of breath after running, or your muscles become sore much more quickly after physical activity. However, you shouldn’t allow your fitness level to deteriorate just because you’re a bit older.

It’s still possible to stay fit despite your age if you can put in place an exercise regime that works for you. Focus on activities that push your body without causing too much of a strain – such as using cycling or rowing machines. You can adjust your body position and the resistance and speed settings to a rate that you feel comfortable with and steadily increase resistance as your fitness improves.

4. Watch What You Eat

Most people are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, but fewer people know about how your diet can be an important anti-aging weapon to add to your armory. 

Keep an eye out at the supermarket for the superfoods that can keep you looking young. Plants like watercress help alter the level of antioxidants in your body. At the same time, fruit like papaya contains vitamins A, C, K, and E, which help deliver the right minerals and nutrients to your skin, keeping your skin glow and look rejuvenated. 

No one wants to get older, but not everyone has to look older. Many of the perils associated with old age – like wrinkles, hair loss, and poor body shape – can be made a thing of the past if you know the right techniques.

Make sure you have a manageable fitness regime, a sensitively planned healthy diet, and an effective skincare regime, and your fears about the signs of aging will soon be over.

*Photos by cottonbro