5 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During COVID-19

Posted September 19, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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It’s no secret that a lot is going on in the world right now. Living during an unprecedented global pandemic can wreak a lot of havoc on your physical and mental health, simply because it’s hard to find answers to the most basic of questions that impact you and your family’s safety. That means it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself during this time, as self-care can work wonders towards making you feel more comfortable, safe and at ease with what is going on in the world.

Here are five ways you can practice self-care during the coronavirus pandemic:

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1. Don’t Lose Faith

Millions of people around the world turn to religion during times of strife and struggle. This pandemic is no different, with religion being able to offer peace and solace in an unsettling world. If you come from a religious background but haven’t engaged with God’s word in some time, choosing to go back to religion could be the answer for you.

Not only does religion provide guidance, but it also provides a community to you in a time where it is very easy to feel alone. If you don’t have a holy bible at home, there are many available online—even some in large print or with genuine leather binding.

Take a look at the multiple bibles for sale online, and start reading and thinking about the biblical messages found within.

2. Get Motivated and Get Moving

Staying active is extremely important, especially with our imposed quarantines! While it may be hard to go to the gym while wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance of six feet, there are plenty of fun ways you can get moving and stay active from the comfort of your own home.

There are plenty of great apps and Youtube channels that can make you feel like you’re taking a gym class from your living room, such as Nike Training, Yoga With Adriene and Obe Fitness, which provides on-demand fitness classes for a variety of skill sets and experience levels.

Paying attention to your physical health can also have a major impact on your mental and emotional health, and these apps provide all the tools and education you may need to do so.

3. Invest in Health and Wellness

Your immune system and general wellness are key for staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. Taking a dietary supplement to boost your immune system, help with sleeplessness due to the COVID-induced anxiety or treat any existing inflammation or chronic pain you may have will get you feeling better—and you’ll be safer as a result.

Phytage Laboratories has a wide array of natural supplements that can help you stay safe and healthy. Health and wellness are easy with Phytage Laboratories, as they offer immunity boosters to help you with the upcoming cold season as well as natural supplements to take daily.

Additionally, they offer plant-based skincare to help you glow from the inside out. Check out the online Phytage Laboratories reviews for more information on their 100% effective plant-based health supplements, that focus on heart, thyroid, and joint health, as well as improved immunity.

4. Maintain a Routine

It can be jarring for us to all of a sudden stay at home without the daily routine we’ve become accustomed to. To help feel normal again, it’s a good idea to create a daily routine and stick to it as best as you can.

For example, set your alarm for the same time every day, hop in the shower, and put on the same clothes you were planning to wear to the office. Have specific time slots available for you to go to lunch, and then when work is done, put your computer away and mentally prepare yourself for the rest of the day.

5. Get Creative

Take this time at home to get creative and learn a new skill! There are plenty of things to choose from: painting, calligraphy, sewing, knitting—you name it. It is easy to buy materials online and to learn from the vast resources available on the Internet.

You can make new items for your home and send gift packages to friends and family in quarantine around the world!

Use these tips for self care during the COVID-19 quarantine and you will be feeling better in no time at all.