5 Ways to Learn New Skills During Lockdown

Posted July 4, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Living in lockdown means a lot of us have more time on our hands, especially if you’re not currently able to work. If you’ve got the fun part nailed, then you might be thinking about trying to do something productive with all that spare time and using it to learn something new.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on learning new skills during lockdown:

  1. Take online classes. There are lots of websites and apps where you can sign up for classes, without ever needing to leave the house. There are online events this weekend, so there’s bound to be something to take your fancy, whether you fancy a language class or learning to create the ultimate smokey-eye. 
  2. Skill exchange with friends. Lots of us have taken to video conferencing tools to stay in touch with our friends, and the Zoom quiz was very popular at the start of lockdown. If you’ve done so many quizzes, you’re sick of them, try something else. Arrange a virtual skill exchange with friends. Perhaps you have an amazing recipe for brownies that you could teach them, in exchange for them teaching you how they french plait their own hair. Swap skills for some sociability with learning something new.  If you’re living with friends, family, or a partner, arrange this skill exchange at home. Perhaps your Mum can teach you to sew, your husband could teach you to change the oil in your car, and you can teach them how to use Instagram.
  3. Take an online course. Sign up for a course in anything that takes your fancy. You could take a casual online language course that is self-guided, or sign up for something more formal, like that marketing qualification you’ve been wanting to get but not had time to study for. Coming out of lockdown with new qualifications or skills could be very useful if the job market is less secure when you’re able to return to work. 
  4. Turn to YouTube. You can learn to do all sorts of things from YouTube. There are whole channels dedicated to teaching you different skills, so through watching these videos you could learn some handy DIY skills, learn about the best skincare for you, or learn some new recipes. YouTube is a handy place to learn, as you can see what people are doing, and easily pause and go back if you need to more time or to see something again. 
  5. Dig out the recipe books. Do you have a lot of recipe books gathering dust in the kitchen? Time to use them. Challenge yourself to pick a different recipe every few days and try it out. You might have some disasters, but you’ll learn some new skills, get to try new things, and might find a new recipe to add to your regular repertoire.

Lockdown is an ideal time to learn something new, as you have more uninterrupted time than you usually would. Why not use that spare time for something useful?

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