9 Ways to Boost Your Esthetician Career

Posted April 1, 2019 by in Career

With over 200 000 estheticians in the US, you must stand out to be successful. The industry is saturated with your competition.

So what can you do to boost your esthetician career?

A successful esthetician has a roster of loyal clients willing to pay for their services. You have to be an expert on your craft and great with people. Luckily, these are things you can work on to become successful. To start, recognize where you could improve and commit to making those changes now. Read this list of nine ways to boost your esthetician services:

9 Ways to Boost Your Esthetician Career

  1. Create a Clean and Comfortable Clinic

If you completed your certifications, you know how crucial a clean clinic is. Any time a client is getting service done on their body, they notice the cleanliness. Go above and beyond with sterilization. Show them the new package you’re opening your tools from. Ensure there are no hairs on the seat, bed, or table.

Besides hygiene, your work setting needs to be comfortable. If they wanted to sit in a cluttered space, they would’ve stayed home. Make your office a luxury for clients to be in. Consider investing in small renovations and updates. Paint the walls, redo the floors, and update the furniture. Create ambiance with music and scents.

  1. Build a Branded Website

As an esthetician, you are your brand. People could get their eyebrows threaded anywhere, but your clients choose to come to you. What is your brand about and what’s its story?

You need a website for potential clients to learn about you. It should feature a professional photo of you and clearly state your services. Make sure your contact information is easy to find. 

Create a logo for your brand. Use its colors throughout the whole site and in your traditional marketing materials. Use the same colors in your clinic or office. Consider starting a blog on your website. This is a way to show your expertise on different topics in your field. It also helps with SEO so more clients can find you.

  1. Business Cards Are a MUST

No matter how important a digital presence having is, business cards will always be a must. When you run into someone at the gym who’s interested in your services, you need a card.

Make sure your cards are on-brand. They should include a small headshot, your logo, and your contact information. If there are a couple of services you focus on, list them as well. Business cards don’t have to be traditional or boring. Consider getting yours in different shapes and paper textures.

  1. Get Active on Social Media

Continue your personal branding on your social media pages. Your business should have its own profiles on each platform.

Try to post something to one of your platforms every day. It could be a re-post of an article you want your clients to read. Or, a promotion for one of your services.

You could even do a giveaway on your profile for your followers to win a free treatment. Use social media to engage with clients, show that you’re an expert, and build your reputation.

  1. Excel at Customer Service

A successful esthetician has many return clients and regulars. These are your bread-and-butter clients that you know are loyal to you. To get more loyal clients, focus on improving your customer service.

A couple of days before a new client’s appointment, give them a call to remind them. A few days after the treatment, give them a call to ask how the results are. Respond to emails and direct messages with professionalism and personality. Maintain a positive and appreciative tone always.

  1. Make Authentic Connections

Another way to build relationships with clients is to remember key things about them. You should have a file for each client. Record important dates and information points about them. That could include birthdays, anniversaries, life events, and goals.

Treat your clients like friends that you care about. Ask them about their lives and get to know them. Get a sense for who they are and what they want from a technician.

  1. Offer Deals and Discounts

Everyone loves a good deal! If you’re trying to boost your roster of clients, consider doing a promotion. You could offer “best friend day” deals where two clients can get services for the price of one. That allows you to make an impression on two potential clients.

You could offer discounts to people with specific criteria. For example, veterans, police officers, or nurses. Make sure you market your deals on your website and social media pages.

In addition to discounts, consider including thoughtful gift cards to show appreciation for your clients this holiday season. It’s a unique way to thank them for their loyalty and support during the festive time.

  1. Expand Your Skills

If you want to keep growing your business success, grow your knowledge base. There are always new treatments getting invented in the health and beauty industry. Consider taking a course on a new service you’re interested in. Learn about the dozens of up-selling tips to get existing clients to try your new services.

The more you specialize in, the more your clients will come to you for. That doesn’t mean learning every technique that exists. It means becoming an expert on a select number of services that you see value in.

  1. Know Everything About Your Products

Retail is a part of the esthetician business world. Clients will ask for your recommendations on products or they’ll want to buy the products you used on them. Treat your retail products as another channel of your business. Learn everything you can about the products you use so you can effectively sell them.

Perhaps you’re loyal to one line of skin care products and want to sell them. If you have a strong online following, talk about your products on your website and profiles. To be an effective salesperson of retail products, you need to be able to answer every question. Do your homework on every product you use or sell.

9 Ways to Boost Your Esthetician Career

Ready to Jumpstart Your Esthetician Career?

To be a successful esthetician, you need to understand what clients want. They want the best service their money can pay for. And, they want a personable technician they can connect to. Follow the tips above to start improving your esthetician career.  Many estheticians find that creating a YouTube channel spurs interest in their business. Learn how to use your YouTube channel to promote your services.

These tips also work for most of the beauty industry,  including for makeup artists, hair stylists, and manicurists.