Boost Your Workplace Productivity With These Tested Techniques

Posted October 14, 2021 by in Career

The workplace atmosphere can be quite intense; very intense that after a few months of scrambling to meet deadlines, answering lorry loads of emails and phone calls, you begin to notice a fall in your productivity. While dwindling productivity is very normal—especially for humans—failure to notice this issue and fix it may result in low output, missed deadlines, or worse, a sack.

So, when your productivity, which was once laudable, takes a nosedive, what do you do? First off, you need to figure out its root cause.  Afterward, you’ll need to find out how to boost your workplace productivity to raise your input and your chances of keeping your job.

Let’s begin by highlighting the causes of busted productivity:

Causes of Dwindling Productivity?

In a typical workplace setting, there are several things designed to bring down your productivity. While some of these things are situated in the office, others are present in the bad choices you make, including your routine and lifestyle.

Below are some of the common causes of dwindling productivity.

  •           Bad choice
  •           Bad managers
  •           Poor food choices
  •           Sick building syndrome
  •           Lack of community
  •           Zero opportunities for counseling
  •           Multitasking
  •           Workplace stress
  •           Toxic work behavior

Having understood the causes of dwindling workplace productivity, what next? If you observe that your workplace productivity has suffered a hit due to bad choices, managers, poor food choices, or any of the cases above, you’ll surely want to undo the effect. Here are a few tips to go about that.

1. Do the Toughest Tasks When You Are At Your Best

Some individuals prefer doing those tough mental tasks during certain times of the day when they are at their optimum. For you, it could be in the afternoon. For others, it could be late morning.

To raise your productivity, you’ll need to figure out when you are at your best and save the toughest tasks for that time. So if you are a morning person, like some people out there, it makes sense to consider engaging in tough mental tasks like answering email or calls at this time. While if you are a late morning person, it is best you apply the same strategy.

When you adhere to this tip, you’ll notice a rise in your productivity and less downtime. On the other hand, if you decide to handle tough jobs at the weakest time, you would suffer from the consequences.

2. Take Breaks

Even machines that lack nerves, bones, muscles, and other body systems like humans are given breaks at intervals. So, why wouldn’t you consider breaks? Taking breaks at work is much underrated. However, the truth remains that this act comes with several benefits, with most associated (directly linked) with your productivity.

Taking breaks at work will help you evaluate your goals, raise productivity, reduce your susceptibility to injuries, body aches, and pains, enhance creativity, increase employee engagement, and of course, enhance mental health. Considering the vast benefits that come with this act, it makes sense to schedule 10 to 15 minutes breaks to recharge and refresh before resuming your workplace tasks.

3. Set Deadlines and Stick to Them

According to studies, one of the keys to enhancing productivity is setting and committing to deadlines. Regularly meeting deadlines showcases your reliability and the ability to maintain absolute focus.

But how do you set these deadlines? Thanks to technological innovation, you can set deadlines using several means. You can decide to leverage task management apps or schedule time for each task on your calendar. Ensure you inspect each task, and allocate the appropriate time for them, so you don’t end up allocating lesser time for huge tasks, ruining your deadlines in the process. 

4. Prioritize Your Health

Often, the zeal or commitment that comes with work makes you prioritize it above other things. While it makes sense to stay committed to your work, you shouldn’t do it at the expense of your health. 

What does this mean?

It means monitoring your health for any anomaly, regardless of how small, and taking the necessary steps to fix them. If you notice a drop in your mood, rather than brush off this little issue, consider taking mood support—a nutritional supplement that comes with herbal and nutrient extracts designed to promote a positive, balanced mood.

5. Do Not Multitask

One of the major culprits of dwindling workplace productivity is multitasking.  Multitasking is the act of performing different tasks simultaneously. Lots of workers engage in multitasking to complete multiple tasks within a given timeframe. However, while multitasking seems like an act worth implementing in the workplace setting, you should note that it comes with several disadvantages.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, multitasking can reduce your workplace productivity and not increase it. So, rather than multitask, tackle each task individually. Only take on a task that you can complete without stressing yourself. Furthermore, ensure you beat procrastination, as it is one of the reasons why you may want to multitask.

6. Exercise

Working all day without exercising will surely affect your productivity. So, rather than sit on that comfy chair for extended hours making calls, replying to multiple emails, and filling out documents, consider exercising between work time. Doing so will help reduce stress, raise your energy, and improve your overall mood.

Also, aside from making you feel great and boosting your productivity, exercising gives your brain a break from something hindering you and allows you to return to your work refreshed and energized. Common workplace exercises are sitting on a stability ball, walking around, taking the stairs, and chair exercises like a calf raise, chair plank, etc.

There are several things in a typical workplace setting designed to reduce your workplace productivity. As a worker committed to giving their best, it is important that you don’t let those things achieve their aim. Figure out the major causes of dwindling productivity in your workplace and think of how to shield yourself from them. It is also crucial that you take protective measures in ensuring that your productivity is quite laudable. 

*Photos by Ivan Samkov