Broke And Stressed: How to Relieve Stress on a Budget

Posted July 22, 2019 by in Lifestyle
broke and stressed how to relieve stress on a budget

Your breakup with your boyfriend getting you down? No worries, just book in and speak with an expensive therapist about your feelings and really get it off your chest. Oh, your finances are spiralling out of control? Not to worry, why not just ask your loaded parents or friends to help you out and pay them back when you get the chance.

You’ve lost your job? That’s okay, just relax back onto your savings for a little while and figure out what you really want to do next! All of these solutions are assumptive that you actually have money to begin with. So how do people get themselves out of despair when there is no money to cushion their fall you ask? They take the freeway back to normality.

Here are a few tips if you are broke and you’re trying to climb your way out of a stressful hole:

How to Relieve Stress on a Budget

Dream, Dream, Dream

You know what’s great for you? Sleep! It’s vital, and it’s massively underrated. You need rest more than you need retail therapy or a holiday to the Bahamas, you wanna know why? 

  • It improves your productivity levels
  • Supports your immune system
  • You can process emotional information better
  • You will cope better with stressful situations!

Need we go on? Quit the late nights dwelling on your worries, wind down with a book, or use up some of the green gold shatter your friend left at your apartment. Switch off your phone, put on your best pajamas and get cozy with a good book until you fall asleep. 

To get the best of this natural remedy we call sleep, be consistent, and hit the hay at a set time every night.

Spa Day – At Home

You’ve no doubt had a look at the price of distressing at an actual spa, and it’s enough to make you want to cry a little.

Have you ever looked up the price of a spa day? It will make you cry! But it’s okay, you can have your own spa day at home. There’s no need to buy anything! To start, light a scented candle or some incense. Open up those bath bombs you received for your birthday. Make yourself a quick hair mask by heating up a small cup of olive oil or coconut oil in the microwave, drench it over your hair and let it sink in for the evening – wash it out later on for silky smooth healthy locks. You’ll be all pampered and unwound without spending a dime.

Speak Up

It’s not always necessary to talk to a therapist about your issues. Especially when supportive friends and family are just a phone call away. It might feel icky for some, the thought of unloading their emotional baggage on their family and friends. And for others, their pride might get in the way of ever admitting to someone else that they’re not feeling too good. But the reality is, we are social creatures and talking it out with people you know is actually quite liberating and comforting.

Don’t underestimate other peoples experiences, approaches and solutions to your own situation. They could surprise you. So pick up the phone, and speak out!

It doesn’t always have to be an either-or option of expensive pedicures and wellness retreats to unwind. And if you’re broke, it doesn’t mean you need to suppress your feelings because you can’t afford to get rid of them any other way. Getting out of a stressful period in life is challenging, but there are affordable/free self-care things you can do that can help you find your way back to a normal, happier you.