Entrepreneurs—Don’t Forgo Your Personal Needs When Pursuing Success!

Posted August 16, 2021 by in Career

There are many toxic attitudes surrounding entrepreneurship and what it means. For instance, some entrepreneurs might proudly claim that they worked eighteen to twenty hour days in order to get their business off the ground. Sure, an additional time investment is necessary in the pursuit of success, and sacrifices must be made. But do you have to harm yourself in order to gain a forward path? Is that kind of success worthwhile, and when do you permit yourself to stop?

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for people who appreciate this attitude to be proud of the fact that they never take time for themselves, or that they know that success means forgoing their original principles or stepping on people due to the competitiveness of the industry they’re in. 

But is all this really necessary? 

Do you have to forgo your personal wellbeing, your ethical compass, and your sense of living as a human being in order to become a success? We’d say no, and actually, that can be detrimental. For instance, lack of sleep is common among young medical students, when drowsiness has been proven to cause people to make mistakes and think less capably. It’s hard to estimate how much this damages the medical industry each year in unnecessary medical malpractice.

Don’t forgo your needs when pursuing success! Here’s how and why:

Prioritize Sleep

Don’t forget to prioritize sleep when necessary. It can make a massive difference in your daily functioning. You don’t have to work an abundance of hours to be productive, in fact, working smarter, and taking care of yourself is sure to lead to better results than feeling as if you have to grind always.

After a certain amount of productivity, it’s hard to work longer than usual anyway. If you find getting to sleep difficult, going to bed at the same time each day, Delta 8 Gummies can help.

Reflection & Reviews

It’s good to review your day and focus on what successes, failures, or room for improvement you can identify. This way, you can more easily focus on the next day with a sense of development instead of thinking that hard and torturous work solves everything.

Reflection can also help you avoid throwing all your weight in a certain direction when it’s actually flexibility that’s needed.

Work smarter, not harder!

Take A Break

Taking a break from time to time can restore your headspace and help you focus on something other than work. This can help you think about your daily working effort more easily without actually having to think about it. You may find that the solution to that tough work proposal comes when walking your dog and not particularly thinking about it. But because you’ve given your mind time to decompress, it’s much more likely that your subconscious mind has time to relax and focus on what’s in front of it.

With this advice, you’re sure to never forgo your personal needs when chasing success.

*Photos by Ono Kosuki