Establishing a Beauty Routine That Works For You and Your Skin

Posted November 25, 2021 by in Beauty

Taking care of your skin, protecting it, and nourishing it are all vital things that you must do to keep your skin looking its best. When it comes to establishing a new beauty routine you have to think about what you want to achieve and focus on within your new routine.

For example, do you want to smooth the appearance of your skin? Or would you like to reduce the appearance of dark circles underneath your eyes?

What Type of Skin Do You Have?

Before you jump into a new routine you need to think about what type of skin you have. For example, is your skin dry? Is it sensitive? When you establish just what type of skin you have then you can begin to move forwards and create a new beauty routine. If you do not establish your skin type then you may struggle to tailor products and treatments, so make this one of your top priorities.

How Much Time Do You Have for a New Routine?

Being honest about how much time you have for yourself, and for your routine is something that is key to a successful routine. If you only have 10 minutes spare in the morning, or the evening then establish a routine that fits in with this. If you are short on time then you could focus on protection in the morning, and rejuvenation in the evening.

When you establish just what time you have in the week (and at the weekend) then you can begin to create a routine that works well for you.

Incorporating New Creams and Lotions

When it comes to incorporating and trying out new lotions and creams you need to remain open-minded. Some lotions and creams will work for your skin better than others. When you stay open-minded about the lotions and cream you use, then you get to try a wide variety of products that will ultimately help you get the right lotions for you and your skin.

For example, if you have not yet looked at CBD as part of your beauty routine then maybe you should. Finding the best CBD cream and lotion that could help smooth and refresh how your skin feels will come down to trial and error, but until you start the process you do not know what will give you the results you desire. When you try out and incorporate new creams and lotions it is important to try out one new product at a time, because this way you can then monitor the results and the effects.

A Sustainable Routine

When you establish a new beauty regime and routine it is important to ensure that it is sustainable. A routine that takes up too much of your time every day will not be sustainable moving forwards. Making sure that a routine remains stable will ensure that you can keep up with it, even when life gets hectic and at times crazy.

*Photos by Tima Miroshnichenko