Finding The Affordable Path To Interior Design

Posted November 21, 2021 by in Home

Interior design has always had an aura of luxury around it, and, today, the numbers match the reputation. According to the New York Times, interior designers are facing shortages in everything from wallpaper to material samples. Yes, even those funny little fabric packs that give homeowners an eclectic range of flooring are out of stock. There has never been a better time, then, to redesign your house with frugality and idiosyncrasy in mind. However, investigating where you might finance a project from to its fullest extent is always a good first step.

Financing the Project

The two main ways to finance any project are through credit or through savings. If you’re looking at the former, current conditions are about as good as they’re going to get, and especially when it comes to refinancing on a mortgage. According to CNBC, there have been slight upticks in mortgage rates amid rumors of a wider interest rate rise in the near future.

Accordingly, it may well be time to strike while the iron’s hot – use a refinance calculator to build an understanding of your situation.

Keeping it Frugal

Money will only go so far in a market so constricted by supply demands. Despite this, there’s a thriving second-hand economy going on in the USA right now. Goodwill have, according to US News, even reported being inundated with items they might not be able to sell – fittings, spare timber, and so on. One person’s trash is another’s treasure, as the saying goes – there’s potential there to pick up a piece for your next big home change.

Bringing Style Back

If you have a cupboard full of old furnishings, decorations and designs, it may also be time to look at those anew. Even with older things, there’s a lot of potential for interior design.  Certain fashions, particularly big and bold 80s pop-art style efforts, are coming back into style. Alternatively, you can raise some money – or conduct some swaps – by getting your stuff out there onto CraigsList, Ebay, and similar platforms. Be creative with your belongings and see if you can snag a fashionable steal for your interior design glow up.

It’s a tough market for interior design, but committed designers will find something to really inspire and encourage. Money is available in the market, yet, so are frugal options. Get your hands dirty and you can easily polish an unearthed gem into a diamond.

*Photos by Charlotte May