Going Back to the Office—4 Foolproof Tips to Save Your Sanity

Posted July 20, 2021 by in Career

The emails about returning to the office are pouring into inboxes. After a year of working from home it can start to feel both stressful and exciting.  Not having to commute, avoiding aggressive co-workers, and spending more time at home in sweats has been a silver lining.  Heading back to work means getting out of the house, discovering dressing up again, and seeing office friends.  It can also mean going back to hectic mornings and trying to juggle it all.

A hybrid return to the office, where some days are remote and others are back at your desk can offer time to get organized and find resources that can reduce stress and help keep your sanity.  These tips can make the transition from your home office to office life easier. So, take a deep breath, grab a pencil to take some notes, and take comfort that these resources come from entrepreneurs that are dealing with many of the same challenges that you are facing.

Start with a Good Night’s Sleep

As many of us know, a bad night’s sleep often leads to a lousy day.  It’s hard to concentrate, we feel unenergetic and cranky.  Sleep is essential to a productive day, and restorative sleep is even more important.  That’s when a person completes the five stages of sleep, and the chemical changes that occur within a 24-hour period that allows the brain and body to repair and heal itself.  One of the best ways to ensure restorative sleep is with a SpineAlign pillow which was created by Dr. Jason Loth, a well-respected sports chiropractor and sleep specialist.  The pillow is the only award winning and patented fully adjustable pillow, so it fits exactly your needs to ensure proper sleep posture. 

The better you sleep, the easier it will be to get back to the office stress free!

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Personalize and Organize Your Desk Space

It’s likely that we spend more time at our desk and in front of our computers than doing anything else on a typical day.  Creating an environment where you want to spend time helps to focus on the tasks at hand and be more efficient. 

Start by keeping as few items as possible on your workspace, because clutter is distracting and makes it more of a challenge to get to what you need quickly.  Make a list of tasks for the next day before you shut down your computer for the night so that you are ready to hit the ground running in the morning. 

Personalize your space with your favorite pictures, mug, and a custom desk pad from Love Desk Mats.  These oversized mouse pads help keep away surface dirt and scratches.  It makes working with your mouse smooth and is easy to clean.  Upload your favorite images of your kids, pets, or vacation spot for a totally unique design. 

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Focus on Family Without the Frustration

Being at home over the past year has provided much needed family time.  Many parents feel badly that their children could not spend time with friends and family and want to make it up with a fabulous birthday party.  Quick searches on Instagram and Pinterest and the party planning can start to feel overwhelming.  According to party experts Monique Banks and Ariel Banks Baker, a magical kid’s birthday party is not about the bells and whistles. It’s about making the birthday child and guests feel special with non-stop high energy games that are inclusive.

The mother-daughter dynamic duo founded BLUEPRINT which is a do-it-yourself downloadable party plan with 27 customizable themes. No two parties are the same, because no two children are alike. The plans make party planning stress free and loads of fun.

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Keep Your Wardrobe Comfortable and Casual

The trend in back to work wear is focusing on casual comfort.  Although we are moving away from leggings and sweats, we still want that sense of being cozy.  For women, that means finding intimate apparel that fits properly, offers support, can be worn for eight or more house, and gives a sense of confidence. 

Dora Lau, founder and president of Dora L International, she believes that women are shopping for items that are both pretty and comfortable.  Wire-free bras have become extremely popular and have powered the innovation of ‘engineered support’ so women get the shape, comfort, and shape that they are craving.

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