Capsule Wardrobe: How to Declutter Your Closet so It Only Includes Your Favorites

Posted July 29, 2020 by in Fashion
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There is something amazing about minimalism, whether it is in the way you eat, live or dress. No wonder the concept of a capsule wardrobe has garnered huge popularity today. Fashionistas are willing to go the extra mile with reorganizing and decluttering their wardrobe and settle for fewer pieces that do it all.

If you are struggling with the idea of embracing a capsule wardrobe, just remember that you are not giving up—rather you are getting smarter with your sartorial choices. Here are some ideas that can help you declutter and downsize to a capsule wardrobe that comprises your favorites:

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Even before you start eliminating the extras, it is important to think practicality first. Start by creating a category list of the essentials you need when it comes to practical clothing for all occasions. Consider the types that you mostly wear- dresses, formal suits or jeans and tees. Create categories according to your lifestyle and season and you will have a clear idea about everything you need to have and the stuff you can clear out.


After categorizing everything you have in your wardrobe, go ahead and sort them to decide the ones you want to keep for sure, those you may want, and the ones you wouldn’t need at all.

Aim at having a maximum of thirty pieces in the “keep” list. It might take a while, but cutting down to the essentials would make things much simpler once you are done. Once you are sorted with the clothing, follow the same for accessories as well.

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Say Goodbye

Now is the toughest part—saying goodbye to the stuff you no longer need. Get rid of the items that do not fit any longer or are out of trend. Also, clear out ones that look ragged, stained or ripped. You may be tempted to retain some pieces that you may have not worn for long but giving them up makes sense because you will probably not use them in the future as well. 

Reassess Current Trend Purchases

When you want a capsule wardrobe, you will probably need to pick some stuff for getting the best in the basics. Reassessing the current trends is a good idea before you go shopping. You can check JustFab styles to get some inspiration on what’s trending.

With the right insights, you can pick the pieces that are in trend yet stick to the concept of minimalism that capsule wardrobe is all about.

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Consider the Idea of One

There are certain items that work with the idea of one. For example, you don’t need to have an entire assortment if you can manage with one favorite little black dress, jacket, handbag, belt, or pair of heels. A black handbag along with a pair of black high heels, for example, can easily be teamed with a variety of look for different occasions. So why create clutter when one can be enough?

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A capsule wardrobe saves you money and space. Moreover, you have fewer choices, which makes styling easier and you end up looking your best too. So go ahead and minimize your wardrobe to embrace the capsule concept.