How to Diversify Your Party For Non-Drinking Guests

Posted April 30, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Planning a party can be a lot to juggle; you want to make sure everything is ready on time, but you also want to make sure all your party guests have a good time. Unfortunately, a shared miss-step party hosts make forgetting to accommodate their non-drinking friends. The good thing is there are many options to make sure your non-drinking party guests enjoy themselves at your next party. 

This article will explore delicious bitters and soda, a variety of mocktails you can make, interesting beverages you can buy, and some simple tips to try for your next party.

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Bitters and Soda

Non-alcoholic bitters and sodas are a simple way to make drinks with a bite that doesn’t contain alcohol. We recommend buying a variety of bitter and soda’ such as sparkling water, tonic water, and club soda, and let your party guests experiment. Some prefer more bitter drinks than others, so a good host should guide them on the process and let them decide on how much is right for them.

Natural non-alcoholic bitters were originally used to make health tonics. Over time new alcoholic bitters were manufactured simply for flavoring cocktails. However, you can now take advantage of their deliciousness and health benefits. 

Non-alcoholic bitters are made with Dandelion root, Gentian root, Burdock root, and more natural herbs. These ingredients offer a wide array of health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, increasing blood circulation, treating digestion problems, and much more.

Don’t Spike The Punch Bowl

Instead of adding alcohol to communal drinks, let your party guest spike the drink individually; this allows your non-drinking party guest to enjoy them as well.

Create Some Fun Mocktails

While non-alcoholic bitters and sodas can be drunk together and be delicious, they are also the key ingredient to creating amazing mocktails. If you want to be the best party host possible, spend some time researching some mocktails to serve your guests. 

Some of our favorites are:

Mock Hemingway Daiquiri: Contains cherry-flavored bitters, syrup, lime juice, and non-alcoholic white rum

Hibiscus Sour: Contains Hibiscus tea, grapefruit and lime juice, nectar or syrup, an egg white, and cherry flavored bitters.

Maple Mock Old Fashioned: The old-fashioned has been a staple of the cocktail scene for decades; for the mock version, you will need non-alcoholic whiskey, maple syrup, aromatic bitters, and an orange peel for garnish.

Buy Unique Beverages

Finally, invest in some unique non-alcoholic drinks that will impress a crowd. Ginger beers and flavored sparkling waters are a great place to start. Additionally, you might want to try kombucha or interesting flavored sodas.

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Be Your Non-Drinking Friends Favorite Party Host

Unfortunately, many bars, clubs, and party hosts don’t take non-drinkers into consideration when planning events. However, there is a wide variety of mocktails and drink options to make sure they can enjoy unique beverages with everyone. If you make an effort to accommodate them, you’ll quickly become their favorite party host around.