How to Get Back on Track After a Long Rut

Posted February 25, 2021 by in Lifestyle

There comes a time in many people’s lives where things can start to feel a little bit stale, and it can be hard to identify what it is that you need to do for things to feel fresh again. You can’t just drop everything and find something else to do, you have to figure out what it is that’s the problem, and find out a way to solve it!

Like with most things, starting on solving a problem that you can’t figure out, requires you to take a step back to evaluate things. Here are some suggestions on how to get back on track with your life after a rut:

Take a Break

Not everyone can afford to take some time off for a vacation very often, but they’re an important part of life, and you deserve one! Working day in and day out is tough, and while it keeps the lights on, it’s no good for your mental health.

You must be able to find the time to get away from work and your regular routine, as it lets you destress and gives you time to think about things. It’s easy to feel stuck when you have no time for yourself, and now’s the time you should be making some!

Can’t afford a vacation at the moment? A staycation can be a great option, too! Just take a few days off of work and just relax.

Prioritizing Health

For many reasons, you should always be prioritizing your own health over everything else. Paying the bills, making extra money, spending extra time on things for other people; none of them are important enough for you to risk your health for! Life can start to feel stale when you’re having problems with your mental health, so you must be doing your best to look after yourself, physically and mentally!

It’s not uncommon to have trouble sleeping, and if not trouble sleeping, then missing sleep due to too much going on. If you find yourself frequently without sleep, you may not be realizing how taxing it can be for your mind. Even if it doesn’t show immediately or obviously, you should see it as a danger. You’re not risking your life by missing sleep, but it will impede your ability to control your emotions properly, and you will likely be a lot easier to frustrate. Not only that, but it can be harder to destress when you’re tired all the time, so getting the right amount of sleep should be one of your top priorities!

Everyone knows how they should be eating, and how often they should be working out if they’re going to keep a healthy body, but there are more rewards than just looks. Treating your body right will often lead to a much healthier mind at the same time! That’s not to say all of your problems are just going to disappear because you’ve been more active, but you can definitely feel much better inside.

Drinking the right amount of water, and giving your body the nutrition it needs should also be one of your priorities, and it doesn’t disturb anything else during the day!

Finding Enjoyment

No matter who you are or what you do, we all need something to look forward to, and a place for us to blow off some steam every now and then. If you don’t have any hobbies or activities to look forward to outside of work, your days can all start to blend into one.

A lot of people shy away from hobbies or activities because they feel like it’s too late for them to start something, or maybe they won’t be very good at it. None of that is important! What’s important is finding new ways to get fulfillment, and new things to accomplish that you actually feel passionate about! Life can be boring without anything to be passionate about!

Re-evaluating Negatives

While it can be hard to get rid of the negatives in your life, you should still be trying to figure out what it is that you no longer want to deal with every day. Maybe it’s something frustrating like a problem with your car or people that you don’t really enjoy spending time with. No matter what it is, you should do something about it when you need changes in your life. You only get one life, and you’re not obligated to spend it dealing with things that you don’t enjoy!

Sometimes people find that their career is the problem they’re having in life, and that’s a big change to make. Once you’ve invested many years into following a career, it can start to feel like it’s too late to go back and change it. You’re making money now, and you need that money to keep moving forward in life. The problem is, if you have nothing to work towards, that money isn’t pushing you in the right direction anymore. It’s never too late to go back and realize your dreams, and you shouldn’t be held back by the time that you’ve already spent!

Setting Realistic Goals

If you’re going to start making big changes in your life, it’s important that you’re making sure to be realistic with yourself. You should be ambitious, and it’s never a bad thing to have big plans, but you must make sure that those plans are achievable. You don’t want to set out for something, only to find out that you’re not able to follow it through – that defeats the whole point of the change in the first place! Keep yourself informed on what you’re doing, know everything there is to know before making those big risks!

Trying New Things

When your everyday life starts to bore you, it could be a sign that you need to start trying out things that are unfamiliar to you. How can you have fun if you don’t know what you enjoy? Leaving your comfort zone to try and be confident with something else can be a great experience, and if it doesn’t work for you the first time, try something else! It can be new hobbies, new foods, new music—anything really! The point is to try something fresh for you!

Work on Yourself

There’s never a time where you shouldn’t be working on yourself, as you can always improve as a person. Not for the sake of other people, but enjoying yourself to the fullest is worth more than anything. There are so many areas you can work on yourself, be it your daily routine, your diet, what you’re learning, who you’re spending time with – anything. You’re good enough as you are, but you always deserve better!

Maybe working on yourself means going back into learning to pick up new skills, maybe it involves training like this drug and alcohol testing course, to help you branch out with what you can already do! It doesn’t hurt to be overqualified, and giving yourself new opportunities to improve is always a good thing.

Appreciate Yourself

The most important thing of all is knowing how to appreciate yourself for who you are. When people struggle with mental health, it can sometimes start to weigh on the mind and lower confidence. You need to know how to reward yourself for all of your hard work, how to treat yourself right! Make sure that you always make time for yourself to do things you enjoy, put aside some money to buy yourself something nice! It can be hard to gain enjoyment from life if you’re constantly beating yourself up.

Woman with brown hair and bangs with eyes closed smelling sunflowers during golden hour.

Life gets stale for everyone at some point, and the best thing you can do is what you think is in your best interest. It’s not selfish to do things for yourself, and it’s not unusual to go back to square one to get a fresh start!

*Photos by Alina Vilchenko