How to Help Your Employees Manage Stress

Posted July 28, 2022 by in Career
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In a Deloitte survey, 77% of respondents admitted experiencing burnout at their current job. The workplace can be extremely stressful. From approaching deadlines to hefty challenging tasks, stress can easily seep into your business. Although stress is usually unavoidable, mismanaging it can do great harm. As an employer, you have the responsibility of ensuring your employees work in an environment that tackles stress to prevent its negative effects. Here are some measures you can implement to effectively help employees manage their stress today.

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Provide wellness programs

Throughout the working day, your employees may encounter various levels of stress. A great way to ease this stress is by indulging in an activity that would allow the body and mind to unwind and relax. Therefore, providing your employees with such wellness programs would be great. For instance, you can offer a gym space or provide a membership. You can also give them a promo code for mental health services they can consult to help manage their stress. Encourage relaxing breaks where they can go for a walk or socialize. Providing such wellness programs improves the employees’ moods as their endorphin production increases. This also eliminates stress and gets back on track.

Avoid working overtime

In many cases, employers encourage overtime. They may portray it as the signs of a hardworking employee. There’s also the all-nighter you may expect from them when there’s a deadline coming up. However, this could do you and your employees more harm than good. As any employer knows, managing employee hours can be a challenge. You want your workers to put in the time necessary to get the job done, but you also don’t want them to overwork themselves and end up burning out. This is where a clock-in app with GPS can be extremely helpful. By tracking employee location and clock-in times, you can ensure that they’re not working overtime and help them manage their stress levels. This can lead to more productive and more engaged employees, which is good for both them and your business. So if you’re looking for a way to improve employee productivity and satisfaction, consider investing in a clock in app with GPS. Your employees need a balance between work and their personal life. By encouraging unnecessary overtime, you rob them of the time they would have otherwise used to ease stress. Therefore, you should promote a work culture emphasizing efficiency and productivity. This would enable them to finish work on time and at a pace that prevents stress. You should also respect working and non-working hours. Avoid sending work-related calls and emails after work so they can enjoy their personal lives.

Allow for flexibility

As mentioned previously, your employees need a healthy work-life balance. In addition to discouraging overtime, you should allow for flexibility at the workplace. If the office is too rigid, your employees will feel uncomfortable and stressed. You can introduce flexibility by reducing or avoiding micromanagement. Instead of breathing down their necks, you can trust them to complete tasks on time and produce high-quality work. You should also consider allowing for flexible hours and including remote working options.

Don’t encourage multitasking

On the surface, multitasking may seem like a skill you want your employees to possess. After all, that would mean they can get many tasks done in a short period. While that may be the case, it is not entirely so. Multitasking can be very draining. This is because a significant amount of energy and brain power is used to complete these tasks. Additionally, trying to finish numerous tasks simultaneously can be overwhelming! These attributes could cause the production of low-quality work. To fix this, you should encourage employees to take one task at a time. This keeps them focused on it, preventing mistakes and stress. You can also supply them with tools and software to make carrying out tasks simultaneously and more efficient. 

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