How to Plan a Wedding During a Pandemic

Posted October 6, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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If there’s one problem that’s likely to put a dampener on your wedding plans, it’s a global pandemic that’s transformed life as we know it. 

Planning a wedding at a time like this is made especially difficult by the fact that the rules keep changing. During March and April, there were couples who decided to tie the knot over Zoom. Over the summer, we were allowed to meet thirty friends in an outdoor location – which basically meant that smaller weddings could go ahead.

But now, the rules have been tightened, and we’re only allowed to gather in groups of six.

What’s more, there are local lockdowns erupting all over the country. So exactly what are your options?

tips and tricks for planning a wedding during the cover-19 pandemic.


Couples wishing to play it really safe have the option of moving the wedding back to 2021, or even later. The further back you postpone, within reason, the less likely it will be that you’ll need to postpone again.

With summer being the most popular time for weddings, and so many couples having their plans for 2020 scuppered, it’s easy to see that pent-up demand may cause a slight boom in ceremonies when life returns to something closer to normal.

What You Can and Can’t Do

Certain kinds of traditional wedding activities are likely to be off the agenda for awhile. Communal singing, which basically involves everyone getting together and spraying saliva into the air, is a no-no.

The same goes for dancing at wedding receptions – as getting close to one another is another forbidden activity. This is good news for instrumentalists, who might find themselves booked for ceremony after ceremony.

Your catering arrangements will also need some adjustment. A traditional cheap-and-cheerful buffet is a hub for viral transmission, especially if the queue isn’t properly managed. A set menu is therefore a requirement.

Shopping While Social Distancing

Quite a few of the basic elements of wedding preparation can be done while still maintaining strict social distancing. Picking out flowers, booking entertainment, and planning the day’s itinerary – these activities can be done remotely.

The same goes for your invites, which will be sent in the same way as normal.

Suppliers will have already made moves in that direction. What might be a little trickier is shopping for dresses and tuxedoes. If you know what you’re doing, you can take your own measurements, and phone ahead to see if the shops you’ll be visiting are actually carrying the designers you’ll be looking for.

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Have you had to plan or attend a wedding during this global pandemic? Let us know in the comments below!