Is It Possible To Find Work That Sustains Your Spirit?

Posted January 3, 2020 by in Career

Too often we can consider ourselves chained to a desk we do not wish to occupy by means of making a living. From time to time, this can lead our spirit to wish for something else, to move to pastures anew.

It’s why salesmen twenty years deep into a career suddenly quit and attend film school as an undergraduate. It’s why those who were interested in following a law career suddenly decide to transition to something they find more rewarding, such as working in an animal shelter.

Remember – no matter who you are or what you identify with, finding work that sustains your spirit (no matter how that is felt, corporate or not), can help you truly dedicate your interests, talents and passions in one direction. But is it even possible to find that? How would you go about it? And when you do identify that direction, how can you overcome the hurdle of starting from scratch to begin with?

It’s very much worth asking these questions, and we would recommend doing so in the following means:

Consider Your Daily Life

What makes you get up in the morning? Is it a curiosity that needs to be satiated? Is it a sense of duty and compassion for those less fortunate than you? Is it to dive deeper into an interest or a craft you feel you could explore to the highest degree possible? It’s these questions that are worth asking, because they can help you curate your best life.

From experiencing the best lifestyle researching and dealing art on cruises with Park West Gallery or taking the first tentative steps towards your mechanics qualifications, considering the scope of your daily life and the interests that will motivate you can help you find just what work may sustain your spirit in the first place.

Understand The Impact You May Have

Everyone has an impact in their career, to varying degrees. For some, it might be that they have the chance of publishing content that will be read by a large amount of people. Others might find that the work they do in removing animals from harmful home situations gives them nothing but satisfaction, despite the dark environments they go into.

Consider what you would like the effects of your actions to be within a working environment, and you can select a career more easily. Remember, you may have much more impact than you give yourself credit for. That’s important to appreciate.

Keep Your Options & Dreams Alive

Don’t forget that dreams can come in many forms. You may not get exactly what you want, but sometimes, that can lead you to something better. For example, a traveling art dealer position could be a much more satisfying experience than your prior interest in appraising and restoring art. Even then, your current work could inform that.

When you fail to wipe anything from the table, you may have an opportunity to dive on and then you can develop from there.

With this advice, we hope you can find work to sustain your spirit. You deserve it.