Kickstarting Your Long-Term Health and Fitness Goals in the New Year

Posted December 6, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Improving health and fitness is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions every year. But after a Christmas of overindulgence, it’s often hard to get started. Here are some tips to help you to kickstart any diet or exercise plan that you might have while making lasting changes to your health and well-being. 

Write Your Goals Down

The simple act of writing your goals down can make you more likely to stick to them. When you write goals down, instead of just storing them in your mind, you force yourself to think about them more carefully. You think about why you want to reach these targets and how hitting them will affect your life. You think about how you’ll achieve them and make a proper plan. Writing your goals down and keeping them somewhere that you can see them gives you a regular reminder of what you are working on, and this can give you a push when you need it and make you more accountable. 

Head to Bootcamp

Whether your goals are fairly small, or much larger, bootcamp can be a great head start to help you to make quick changes and get on the right path. A day at bootcamp, or regular bootcamp sessions are a great way to get a full body workout and plenty of encouragement. But if you want to make lasting changes, get plenty of support, and learn more about fitness and nutrition, Xtreme Bootcamps can be ideal. Staying at an extreme bootcamp, or even signing up for a 12-month plan, can give you a massive health and fitness boost. 

Find Habits That Work for You

There’s plenty of advice out there. You can read an article that encourages working out every day, and another that says rest days are crucial. There are benefits to short, intense, and regular workouts and advantages to longer, more sustained activity. Often, the key to making big changes to your health and fitness is finding a plan that works for you, instead of trying to force yourself into a plan that doesn’t work. 

Look at your lifestyle, and think about when you can exercise, what you enjoy doing, and how you’ll fit things into your days. 

Start Straight Away

In the New Year, many of us are guilty of putting things off. We say things like, “I’ll start my diet once the Christmas chocolates are finished”, or, “I’ll start exercising when the kids are back at school”, but, what’s to stop you? There’s no rule that says your healthy lifestyle has to all come at once, and for most of us, balance and moderation are key. You can go for a run, even if there’s still Christmas food at home. You can have a salad for lunch, even if you have biscuits with coffee later on. Instead of putting things off, make the changes you can, as soon as possible. 

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Improving health and fitness is a great goal to have. But remember, it takes time. While kickstarting your goals can be a great idea, you should also focus on making good habits, and small changes that you can stick to for the rest of the year.