Must Have Equipment As a Lifestyle Influencer

Posted September 10, 2021 by in Career

We believe it is essential for you to understand what an influencer is first. An influencer is the one who possesses the ability to influence the everyday decisions made by people due to their position, knowledge, or the bond they have developed with the audience. Influencers play a key role in promoting brands because people love them and try to follow their choices. That’s why many local businesses use a lifestyle influencer to promote their brand.

To make your influencing journey successful, you must have good equipment. So, we have covered some must have equipment as a lifestyle influencer in this article:

Lifestyle influencer working at her desk.

10 Pieces of Equipment You Need as A Lifestyle Influencer

If you are an influencer and looking for the best suggestions to have equipment for influencing, then don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Following are one of the essential equipment that you might want to have for influencing.

  1. Editing Apps

To influence the people and promote the brand, first, you need to attract the people to your content. Editing apps make your pictures, videos, or whatever content you post on social media look attractive. You can even make your most tedious posts look amazing with the help of these apps. Well, you might be wondering what the best apps for editing are. Some of the best apps you can use for editing are Lightroom, The Cultive, Chelsea, Snapseed, and others.

  1. Canva

Canva is a content creator application that is free. There is an option to buy the premium membership for a monthly fee that might be worth it for the people who use it often. You can create content for your stories, your feed, and your profile by using Canva. The usage of Canva is easy, and there are several templates that you can use for your posts. 

  1. Microphone

Suppose you are a content creator and have a significant following, then you want to have perfect audio in your videos. To have good audio, you need a brilliant microphone as lifestyle influencer. We would recommend you have a lavalier mic when you are making a video outside. It helps in reducing the wind noise to avoid distortion in the audio. However, Microphones can be expensive, but they are handy in providing good audio that helps you gain a good audience.

  1. Good Phone

One of the essential needs for being an influencer is having a good phone. You need to be active socially to interact with your audience, and you cannot bring your PCs everywhere. You don’t get to enjoy all the features on social media websites when using them from laptops and PCs. So, you need to have a good phone to stay active and interact with your followers.

  1. Action Camera

Influencers travel a lot to create content at beautiful places and to capture wonderful sceneries. To capture good pictures, you would want to have a good action camera. Action cameras are usually small and have a compact design, so they are best to travel with. Shooting videos with a camera and phone has a lot of differences. Cameras help you capture every detail of the subject. So, you must need a camera to create content and attract people to your profile. Buying a hipod along with action camera is also advisable as that helps improve your photography to a great extent.

  1. Great Lighting

Great lighting is a must. It is an Influencer’s best friend. Whether it’s capturing yourself without relying on anyone or taking long starry night photos, a good tripod or a rechargeable ring light is a game-changer. Every influencer has its standards when it comes to capturing pictures and videos. So, no one may meet your requirements unless they are a professional. But hiring a professional for everything is quite expensive. So, an influencer needs to have a tripod with a phone holder to shoot videos of yourself and capture good shots. 

  1. Media Kit

Well, you won’t always have brands knocking on your doors and sliding in your DMs for promotion. Sometimes, you need to reach out to the brands that you wish to work with. To do that, you will have to provide them your media kit. A Media Kit is generally a graphic design to tell the brands who you are, your brand’s core value, and your metrics. The metrics are basically 

  • the average likes and comments on your posts
  • Your audience reach
  • Your interaction with the followers and few other things

Moreover, you can make a media kit through the Canva app.

  1. Professionalism

Professionalism is one of the essential aspects of being an influencer. There are multiple “Internet things” out there that can hurt your feelings. On social media websites, people troll you for everything. You can never be a good influencer if you get carried away by your feelings on everyday trolling. Even the brands can insult you for your way of promoting. So, you should handle all the criticism professionally and keep doing your work.

  1. Waterproof Pouch for Phone

Well, it seems unreasonable, but it is necessary when you are creating content in watery circumstances. A waterproof pouch protects your phone from water to keep it intact. It allows you to shoot videos and capture pictures while raining. So, buy a waterproof pouch for your phone and create content in rainy conditions.

  1. Good Mental Health

Mental health is your biggest asset in the influencer’s world. Being an influencer, you need to have good mental health. If you don’t have good mental health, you cannot promote a brand, stay active, influence people’s choices, etc. Even when creating content, you start doubting your work like, “Is it even worth it?” So, you always have to keep your head up and stay positive.

Blogger looking through DSLR camera

We are hopeful that this article will prove to be a great source for pitching in some ideas about the must have equipment as a lifestyle influencer. Of course, not everything in that list is important for being an influencer, but they can assist in stepping up your game. Pick and choose what looks important to you and start the work!

*Photos by Liza Summer