Must-Have Essentials For Your Makeup Bag

Posted June 9, 2021 by in Beauty

Most of us spend a small fortune collecting cosmetic products as an ongoing thing. However, some cosmetic products can be considered extras that you don’t need and may never even use, such as the infamous body glitter that most consider overkill. However, your everyday makeup bag should consider specific products to ensure you can bring out your best features for various natural and simplistically bold makeup looks.

If you aren’t too sure which products you should always have as a makeup lover, we have created this list for you. While there’s no reason you can’t keep building your collection of exciting extras, these products are widely considered essential must-haves for your makeup bag:

A Foundation And Contour Stick

We all need a foundation stick in the perfect shade, even if you aren’t contouring. A foundation stick can serve as a high coverage concealer, and you can even invest in a variety of shades to perfect your contouring technique. Consider finding makeup that helps your acne and keeps you looking great at the same time.

The Perfect Shade Foundation

Foundation is essential for every makeup bag. However, finding the right shade is crucial. You should also assess other important factors when choosing a foundation, such as your skin types; oily skins and dry skins will have different needs.


A good mascara can boost your confidence significantly; as we all know, men were blessed with thick luscious lashes while most of us got short stumpy lashes. Be sure to purchase a clump-free mascara, as this is essential for a natural look. Waterproof choices are also great. Even if you use fake lashes, mascara is still essential.

A Long-Lasting Eyeliner

Eyeliner is essential, although you should always reach for the long-lasting variant as they generally don’t smudge and stay in place for a good few hours. It would help if you also considered eyeliner in jet black and dark brown as these two colors are essential.

With that said, you can add to your collection of eyeliners with vibrant shades of purple, frosty blue, and other trending colors. 

A Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette of neutral tones is vital, especially when creating natural makeup looks. However, these palettes usually have darker shades of brown that make them versatile enough to create more glamorous looks. Once again, you can add to your eyeshadow palette collection with a variety of colors. 


Blush adds striking color to your face, regardless of the makeup look you are creating. However, choosing the right shade of blush is as tricky as choosing the perfect shade of foundation. Those with lighter skin tone should consider dusty pinks and lighter tons, while those with darker skin tones can opt for the more vibrant blush shades. 

A Lip Kit

To complete your makeup look, you will need a lip kit that contains a lip liner, a gloss, and lipstick. These are available in an endless variety of colors, so for your essential makeup bag, you should consider a more natural color choice. 

A brunette woman with a rust orange shirt applying lip gloss.

Application Brushes And A Blender

You really shouldn’t cheap out on your brushes for your makeup bag, and purchasing a brush kit is usually best as it will contain all the basics you need, from an eyebrow brush to a blush brush and everything in between.

You will also need a blender that should be cleaned after every foundation application and replaced at least every second month.

Brunette woman with an orange shirt applying eyeshadow in front of a window.

*Photos by Karolina Grabowska