No Extreme Can Ever Be Good: 7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Posted October 9, 2020 by in Career
how to find work-life balance

These days, we seem to work too much and are left with too little time for ourselves. Although more work means more money, it also means we’re more likely to be negatively affected as a result.

Working too much can lead to insomnia, sadness and irritability, fatigue, excess stress, a higher risk of heart disease, and more. So, not only is your mental health affected but also your physical health.

Although the cycle of working too much can be difficult to break, especially for those who are self-employed, there are fortunately many ways you can achieve a suitable work-life balance that will work for you:

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  1. Get in Touch with Nature.

Even just a half hour spent in the great outdoors daily can help bring serenity to a person with a hectic, busy lifestyle. The sweet sounds of nature, the blue sky, lush plants, warm sunshine… What more can anyone ask for? Sounds like a relaxing time!

  1. Meditate Every Day.

You’d be surprised how powerful a 15- to 30-minute session of meditation can be for you. Just this brief moment of calamity is all it takes to bring a greater sense of balance and control to your life.

If meditation isn’t your thing, consider giving yoga a try. There are so many free yoga classes you can take on Youtube! Try a few until you find the flow that works for you.

  1. Walk More and Drive Less.

Finished lunch early during your lunch break? Extra downtime during the evening? Have a day off? Consider going on a brief walk. Exercise, even small amounts, can release endorphins, which can help boost your mood and help you destress from your work life.

  1. Work on Time Management.

One of the biggest issues people have with maintaining a work-life balance is making time for themselves. Many people work eight hours a day, but what about the rest of the time they have? Often, it’s spent on the sofa.

Instead, put that time to good use; it’s precious. Never neglect your interests, your hobbies, your friends, and personal jobs for your 9-5. Plan your schedule ahead of time if it helps.

  1. Make Your Social Life a Priority.

No, you don’t have to quit your job or put your social life before your work. However, you should give your social life a little more priority than usual.

Our family, friends, and romantic partner can truly bring out the best in us, especially after a stressful day on the job.

  1. Treat Yourself.

We all deserve a little treat every now and then. Decide what it is you personally need. A trip to the spa, a dip in the pool, a mini vacation, a tasty pastry, a new pair of shoes… Whatever it is, just know that you deserve it!

Without life’s little luxuries, we wouldn’t be as joyful and lighthearted.

  1. Let Someone Else Handle Your Finances.

With a crazy-busy work schedule, you’re left with little time to tend to important adult responsibilities. One way you can clear up time is by having someone help you with your finances.

Visit the MyWealthAndInvestment website for more information on financial help.

So many of us work long hours that it almost seems impossible to find time to catch a break. While you may not be able to cut back on work, what you can do is seek to achieve a greater work-life balance.

It all starts with making changes.