Rehab: 5 Commonly Asked Questions Answered

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Addiction is unpredictable, and the inherent differences between genders increase its variability. Fortunately, addiction treatment centers use gender-based care standards to bridge gaps. Read on to get the answers to five frequently asked questions about rehab for men.

How Does Addiction Affect Men?

The effects of addiction are different in men than in women. For instance, men often use alcohol and drugs in group settings, making them more vulnerable to peer pressure. While women may use substances as a coping mechanism, men often use them for pleasure—which makes rehabilitation complicated. A boulder drug rehab for men is designed to meet their needs, and it will give every client the attention they deserve.

How Does Rehab Work?

Much like heart disease and high blood pressure, addiction is a chronic condition that can be managed. Addiction treatment eliminates the effects of substances on brain chemistry while teaching men new coping skills and behaviors as they regain control of their lives.

Do I Need to Go to Rehab?

This question is difficult to answer because every man’s situation is different. It’s hard to view addiction objectively, especially when looking at yourself in the mirror—but men who are self-aware enough to realize there’s a problem are already on the path to recovery. According to SAMHSA, only seven percent of addicts have access to rehab facilities, and many misjudge the severity of their addiction. The decision to go to rehab is a personal one that depends on unique physical and psychological factors, and only you and your doctor can decide whether treatment is appropriate.

Won’t 12-Step Meetings Yield the Same Results as Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

For men who aren’t very far along the road to addiction, regular attendance of 12-step meetings like AA and NA may help them live sober, fulfilling lives. However, addiction is a fast-moving disease, and meetings aren’t enough for most clients. People go to rehab to live in a structured, supportive, and therapeutic environment that’s conducive to health and recovery—and that’s something you won’t find at a meeting.

Does Public or Private Insurance Cover Rehab?

Not all men can afford treatment, which puts cost near the top of most FAQ lists. Out-of-pocket payments are one option, but Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance through the Affordable Care Act may also pay for rehab. Most public insurance plans come with low or no co-payments and include a range of treatment options, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

Bonus: How Can I Regain My Family’s Trust After Completing Rehab?

Acknowledging your addiction and seeking help is an important step, but many men face mistrust and hostility from loved ones who fear they’ll go back to old behavioral patterns. While it takes time to rebuild trust and eliminate co-dependency, going to and finishing rehab should prove that you’re willing to improve your life and form new connections.

Your Drug and Alcohol Rehab Questions, Answered

Most people’s first question about rehab is—is it worth it—and the answer is a resounding yes. Substance abuse destroys men’s lives every day, putting emotional and financial burdens on them and their families. Rehab is proven to help men move away from addiction and live productive, sober, and healthy lives.

By finding answers to their most important questions, men can make informed decisions before checking themselves into rehab.

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