Self-Care During Detox: Nurturing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Posted July 12, 2023 by in Health + Fitness

As you go through detoxing your body, it’s important to care for yourself and nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Addiction affects more than just your body. It changes and damages relationships with friends and family, it changes the way your brain controls your body, and it creates an emotional dependence on a substance or alcohol. Many addicts have unresolved personal conflicts or past traumas that have led them to feel detached and unhappy. It is this disconnect that often leads to substance abuse. But, by addressing the total individual, true healing is more likely.

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

The mind-body-spirit approach recognizes that the three are not separate entities, but the totality of a person.The Glendora addiction treatment understands this intuitive connection and it includes caring for you in a holistic way. Because addiction touches every part of your life, it’s important to treat it with a well-rounded and complete approach. There have been studies that show a link between medical conditions and mental health. Depression and coronary artery disease are linked, as are somatic conditions and anxiety.

What Causes the Disconnect

Everyone is a unique individual and each individual will have their own reasons and conditions for becoming unrooted. There are those who have encountered trauma or painful situations in the past. There are people who grapple with low self-estem and lack self-confidence and those who have endured troubled and dysfunctional interpersonal relationships. These are just a few reasons, but far too often these unfavorable conditions lead to substance abuse and dependence. When these conditions are met with ongoing stress and discontent, it’s often easier to forget themselves and sink deeper into addiction. Stress and distraction can cause people to focus less on taking care of themselves and to neglect their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Different Holistic Modalities

Bandages don’t heal deep wounds, they only allow them to fester. So when folks try to ignore the root of their problems and ultimately their addiction, the pain and the fuel for the substance abuse continues to drive them deeper into addiction. When substance abuse is the method of coping with pain, trauma, and discontent, neither the mind, body, or spirit can heal and integrate experiences.

There are a lot of holistic modalities that can help to bring all three aspects of an individual into alignment. Yoga, mindfulness, guided meditation, walking meditation, somatic experiencing, mindful self-compassion, sound bath therapy, and adventure therapy are just some of the methods that can be used to help bring people into alignment and help them overcome addiction.

The mind, body, and spirit are an integral part of everyone, and what affects one, affects them all. Emotional needs are just as important as physical needs. And this includes addressing the unhealthy behaviors that lead to substance abuse, healing your physical body, and tearing down the emotional dependence. Taking care of yourself isn’t always the easy thing to do, because it takes work and introspection, but they are a necessary part of treating addiction.

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