Simple and Stylish Ways to Renew Your Living Spaces

Posted August 16, 2023 by in Home

Feeling a little bored of your living spaces? Do you want to bring some new life into the room, with fresh colours and textures? Don’t dust off the ladder and the pasting table, use these simple tips to update your rooms without paint, paste, or brushes.

Funk Up Your Floor

For an effective and simple way to bring colour, texture, and a talking point to your living room, add a rug. These hand knotted vintage rugs from That Rebel House are perfect for the job, and with so many colours and patterns to choose from you will be able to find one that slips into your space seamlessly. Bring a touch of rustic chic and earthy charm with one of these thick-piled, soft, colourful rugs in your living room. 

Just Add Light

A little bit of light can change everything in a living space, whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or even the bathroom; changing your light fixtures and bulbs lets you see your space differently. You may only need to add a couple of lamps to completely change your living areas. For an even lower-cost solution, just change the bulbs. By choosing lightbulbs with a different hue or wattage, you can make a cold space warmer or a dull space brighter.

Add Fabrics

Recovering your walls, or getting a new sofa, is a big financial commitment and often prices people out of a home decor change. You can achieve the same effects and spend less if you use fabrics instead of paint or a sofa covering instead of a new sofa. Give your living space some bold colour and brighten up the room with some hanging fabrics or throws. Hanging fabrics on walls is creeping back into interior fashion, and you can get ahead of the game with this simple and thrifty trick.


Just like an outfit, a room is nothing without its accessories. Making a few simple and stylish accessory additions can make a living room feel brand new, or a bedroom can take on a touch of class that was missing before. You don’t need to break the bank for this simple and chic interior design tweak. You can add flower vases to occasional tables (with or without flowers) or a clock to a mantlepiece and bring out style and colour that is hiding in other areas of the home. Accentuate its period style or splash some modernity into an overly traditional decor. Mix and match, or pair your styles—it is up to you.

Picture the Perfect Living Space

Put down the paint and brushes, you can give any room a makeover by putting some works of art on the walls. These could be decorative paintings of landscapes or photographs. You can make your own by taking pictures of your favourite places and turning them into posters. Create your own collage of pictures of your family, places you have gone together, and special events. Personalise your space while you style it up, with this simple and affordable tip.

Take just one of these ideas, or combine all five, to breathe some new life into your living spaces and make your home more your own. You can spend lots, or spend a little, but with these tips, it is up to you; they will fit any budget.

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