Treat Your Skin the Right Way With Plunkett Products

Posted May 17, 2022 by in Beauty

There are some wishes almost every woman shares like having her dream job, getting her dream body and ageing gracefully while retaining her youthful skin as long as possible. The last bit may seem far-fetched, but it’s not something impossible to achieve if you know how to do it. 

Taking care of your skin involves optimal skin care solutions as much as proper nutrition and hydration, and using skin-friendly bedding like bamboo pillowcases. When you’re in Australia, you also have an enemy you need to be aware of – the scorching sun. While it’s necessary to get your skin sun-kissed so you’d have your daily supply of vitamin D, more than 10-15 minutes of sun exposure without the adequate protection can lead to wrinkles, as the UV rays damage the skin’s elastic fibres.

Other issues that are also likely to arise are pigmentation, and worse, skin cancer. With so many skin care brands nowadays, it may be somewhat of a hassle trying to come across the ideal products that can help your skin, protecting it and nourishing it the right way. That’s why it’s best to stick to tried-and-tested options like Plunketts skin care which is one of Australia’s best and most trusted choices.

Why Give Plunkett’s a Try?

Well, let’s start with their year-long experience and tradition in producing outstanding skin products. This “outstanding” part stems from the fact the company Plunkett Pharmaceuticals was founded by respected John Plunkett more than three decades ago who happened to be a pharmacist for 40 years. He was also the former president of the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales.

His main focus for the brand was developing skin care that would address and provide relief for various skincare problems that were the result of the harsh Aussie climate, as much as lifestyle and certain conditions like the autoimmune psoriasis. The quality of the Plunketts range came from the premium ingredients that were carefully sourced and implemented, so not surprisingly they still keep up with the tradition and values when it comes to maintaining this quality to this day.

As you get on the journey of achieving healthy glowing skin, you should include in your beauty care some of the Plunkett essentials that have won the hearts of many over the years. The following are just some examples you have the green light on.

The Superfade Line to Battle Skin Pigmentation

Whether you’re trying to treat mild, moderate or hyperpigmentation, check out the Superfade Plunketts skin care line. It contains plenty of active ingredients proven to help with these skin concerns including vitamin C, niacinamide, and alpha arbutin.

This last component is also known as Hydroquinone β-D-glucopyranoside and happens to be a naturally occurring antioxidant present in plants like the bearberry. It’s mostly used in skin care because it’s useful for reducing the melanin formation at the very source, treating melasma, as well as age spots, freckles, pigmented acne scars, and brown marks.

Other ingredients that are also implemented in the formulations of their serums and creams in this specific line are AHAs in the example of glycolic and lactic acid that assist with shedding the dead skin cells, and salicylic acid that helps with deeper exfoliation. The ferulic acid cytovectors are added for inhibiting the production of melanin responsible for pigmentation. This specific acid is similar to the caffeic acid that’s useful with its anti-ageing properties and is known to increase collagen production.

The Superlift Line to Firm Up the Skin 

Skin ageing is a natural process we can’t avoid, but there’s something we can do to slow it down with the suitable products that have the perfect ingredients for the job. This is exactly the case with the Plunketts skin care formula, specifically that of the Superlift range, which consists of peptides that prove to be essential with lifting, firmness, hydration and soothing the fine lines and wrinkles.

And we’re not just talking about any peptides, but Plunkett’s own signature peptides. Specifically Eyeseryl, crucial for battling dark circles and puffy eyes, and Dermaxyl which is a unique mix of hexapeptide and ceramides that combat dryness and prevent wrinkles.

Lastly, you’ve got their Matrixyl 3000 that boosts the natural collagen production, increases elasticity, smoothes lines and assists with skin repair from UV damage. Using the cleanser, serum, moisturiser, wrinkle cream and collagen eye lift of this line would offer you the incredible outcome of skin strength and flexibility.

The Supereven Line to Improve Skin Tone

You’ll no longer have to be envious of the impressive even tone of celebs if you turn to the reliable Plunketts pharmacy solutions. Whatever bothers you, and prevents you from being happy with your tone, this range of spot eraser serum and moisturising cream can bring back your smile.

it may be the dark marks from sun damage and hormonal imbalances, the texture from enlarged pores, oily or dry skin, or the redness from rosacea and inflammation. The way these products improve these issues is by removing dead skin cells, minimising the pores, reducing the fine lines, keeping the skin well hydrated, and improving its function. All this thanks to active ingredients such as their patented encapsulated retinol, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, aquaxyl, squalene, and complexion bioptmiser tone corrector.

The Superbright Line to Brighten Up the Complexion 

No woman likes to have skin that looks dull and lifeless. Daily stress, hurried lifestyle, environmental factors, poor nutrition and sleepless nights all have their impact on your skin’s complexion. As you work on improving your lifestyle and daily habits, bettering your well-being, it wouldn’t hurt to also reach out for the help of the Plunkett Superbright line exfoliating skin brightener serum and re-surfacing polish cleanser.

Some of the key ingredients are lemon peel extract, jojoba spheres, triglycerides, glycolic acid, lactokine, and aloe vera. Used in a combination, they reduce fine lines, pores, surface discolouration, remove dead skin cell build-up, assist with cell turnover for radiant and luminous skin, improve circulation, and stimulate collagen production. The outcome? Brighter and clearer new skin!

The Aloe Vera Product Range

The succulents aren’t only cute plants that can bring some life and freshness to your home’s décor – they’re full of incredible ingredients like amino acids, minerals and vitamins. As aloe vera is a succulent that’s long been known for its amazing benefits due to the properties that help soothe skin issues and improve the skin quality, this brand has the perfect Plunketts aloe vera certified organic products to take care of your skin’s every need.

They have the soothing gel, cooling spray, hydrating body gel, facial mask, and moisturiser in this line, all with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant, cooling, soothing, restorative, astringent, and anti-pruritic properties suitable for even the most irritated and sensitive skins. Besides protecting your skin from infections, these products are also useful with preventing premature ageing.

The VitaE Products

The positive effects of vitamin E for skin-related issues and concerns have long been known and relied on. It’s an ingredient that can restore damaged skin, even out the skin tone, ease dryness, protect against premature ageing, reduce inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles, soothe irritation and inflammation, replenish moisture, and soften stretch marks.

Mind you though, for the best results possible, it’s advisable to use natural vitamin E as it’s more potent and easily absorbed. This is exactly what you get from Plunketts VitaE that has naturally sourced vitamin E enriched with rosehip oil.

Plunkett’s Psor-Assist

Sadly, psoriasis as an autoimmune disease isn’t rare considering it affects many people around the globe – two to three per cent of the total population to be exact. In addition to the unsightly excess scale issue connected to this condition, there’s also the fact psoriasis-affected individuals suffer from irritations and itchiness. Plunkett have created the perfect product with active ingredients like coal tar, precipitated sulfur, natural fish oil, retinol palmitate, and salicylic acid that help remove the skin build-up and scaling, reduce itchiness and inflammation, and provide relief.