Wedding Planning Anxiety: How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Posted May 17, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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It is usual for couples to feel overwhelmed when planning their wedding. Amidst the jittery feelings of pre-wedding planning, it is crucial to find a way to deal with these feelings. Wedding anxiety is when a couple feels uneasy and uncertain about the outcome of their wedding. Anxiety makes the couple worry and less effective during the planning and the big day.

Wedding planning for couples should be fun and relaxing. Stress and anxiety set in when the couple no longer enjoys the process and feels burdened. Anxiety symptoms in couples are negative thoughts, irritability, restlessness, loss of sleep, and obsession over wedding details. Keep reading to know how to navigate your emotions when planning your wedding

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Wedding Planning Anxiety Is Normal and Common 

When planning a wedding, most couples feel anxious. Feeling anxious or nervous is very common and normal for couples during the pre-wedding planning process. It is okay to feel anxious when planning a big event or approaching a huge life milestone. Also, acknowledging these feelings is a big step in knowing how to control and navigate them.

The couples have lots of decisions to make which will affect the big day in a significant way. Getting married is a time for the partners to celebrate their commitment and love for one another. However, very few people talk about how stressful the day can be for partners. When the individuals are aware of their emotions, it helps them resolve conflicts and quickly move past negative feelings.

Several analysts have conducted a series of research on why wedding anxiety is common and expected. According to a study, 96 percent of engaged couples reported stress and anxiety when planning their wedding. 

Getting to the Source

Knowing and understanding the cause and source of the anxiety when pre-planning a wedding is crucial. There are several decisions that only couples can make before the wedding. These decisions induce anxiety in couples when planning a wedding. Some of these decisions and how to navigate them are:

Getting Ready 

When planning, other things are needed to prepare for the big day, such as the wedding dress. Sometimes, the couple becomes indecisive when choosing their wedding attire. Indecisiveness can quickly lead to feelings of anxiety, so having a starting point can be helpful to combat those feelings. 

Get inspired by looking at various styles and designs and use them as a basepoint for your wedding planning needs.

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A significant cause of wedding anxiety is the budget. Whether couples employ a wedding planner or decide to take on the planning themselves, wedding costs are a surprise. Set a budget ahead for everything needed for the wedding.


When planning a wedding, most couples employ vendors for various reasons. It is crucial to organize these vendors and plan before the wedding. Having a detailed production timeline makes it easy and possible to reduce anxiety and stress. 


Most couples want to be in their best state and shape before their wedding. However, it can quickly turn into very unhealthy habits and cause anxiety. Pay attention to yourself and practice self-care in the weeks and months leading to the wedding. Prioritize your health, set a realistic fitness goal, and do not be too hard on yourself.

Developing Coping Mechanisms 

Although feeling anxiety while planning a wedding is normal, there are various ways to deal with it. The following are some proven ways to deal with stress and anxiety:

Getting Enough Sleep 

A common cause of anxiety when planning a wedding is lack of sleep. Try to unwind weeks before the wedding and have a good night’s rest. Do things that will make you feel relaxed the night before the wedding, like taking a warm bath. 

Regular Exercise 

Try to squeeze in a few exercise schedules weeks before the wedding. It may not be easy to fit in; however, it is crucial to exercise regularly. Having a regular exercise schedule helps to reduce anxiety and stress. If possible, try to exercise a day before the wedding.

Eating Balanced Meals 

It is easy to get carried away due to all the rushing and preparations for the wedding. However, it is crucial to eat healthy food and drink a lot of water to keep fit and stay hydrated. It is best to avoid caffeine or sugar when taking drinks or food because they facilitate anxiety.

Seeking Professional Help If the Anxiety Is Proving to Be Too Much 

Planning a wedding is quite tasking and time-consuming. When the anxiety becomes overwhelming, it is best to seek professional help. Seeking professional help improves your performance before the big day as it helps get things off your chest. It is also a great coping strategy that helps the couple figure out plans and solve their problems. 

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A Stress-free Wedding

Planning a wedding is not easy, so embrace the imperfection that may come with it. It is crucial to set positive and realistic goals when planning a wedding. Creating and planning a budget for the wedding helps reduce stress and anxiety. Starting the wedding planning months ahead is crucial to avoid last-minute rushing.

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