What Kind of Sleeper Are You? How to Pick the Mattress Best Suited for Your Sleeping Style

Posted November 18, 2020 by in Lifestyle

What Kind of “Sleeper” Are You—A Side Sleeper? Do You Toss And Turn? Do You Like It Cool?

The stereotypes you see in commercials by no means define how people actually rest. What do you see when some commercial showing people in bed comes on? You see people sleeping peacefully on their back. But more realistically, this only describes one in four people.

Experts estimate that three out of four people prefer to sleep on their side. This study says 74 out of 100 people sleep on their sides. It makes sense! Depending on your weight, age, and the stiffness of the bed, sleeping on your back can actually cause extreme discomfort. Back pain is only one of many issues people report.

If you’ve ever had to sleep on a cold hard floor, or the earth under the stars in a tent while camping, you understand. Without any softness, you don’t get proper back support, and this causes you to turn on your side. But then your body’s weight bears down on your hips, so you’ve got to turn over on your other side. You wake up without any rest.

Also, a lot of people don’t get to sleep like they should when the room is too warm. They don’t want to be too cold, they need the blankets—but if the room is hot, sleeping is nigh-impossible. You sweat, you toss, you turn—it’s ludicrous. And when you don’t get rest, it messes with your mind. You need the right bed, and this article will be about finding that bed:

Unique Mattress Design

There is good news for your overall rest. Regardless of your preference in sleeping situations, there is a mattress out there designed to meet your needs. Believe it or not, this is quite the business undertaking. You’ve likely seen thousands of advertisements if you’re reading this; and how do you know what’s actually going to work?

The thing is, unless you’re one of an absolutely minimal group of people—we’re talking a handful, here—who simply doesn’t sleep, you’re going to need a bed. And unless you’re in such a situation where you’re forced to sleep outside without a house, that means you’ll need the right mattress; you don’t just want a suspended wooden plank somewhere!

For your health, the bed you choose needs to provide the kind of rest you need. If you’re not getting rest, it will cloud judgement, make you drag, and even physically impact you in terms of aches and pains. Back problems are a big problem in developed countries, and beyond improper lifting technique (using the back instead of the legs), bed issues are often to blame.

Many don’t realize they have specific choices, or they decide to save money by not buying the best solution. You can get a bad mattress cheap, and it will negatively affect you over the long run. Or, you could look at options like this mattress for side sleepers, and overcome the modest expense in overall productivity later on.

The Benefit Of A Good Night’s Rest

When you don’t get the right amount of sleep, it can lead to emotional issues, physical deterioration, and even hallucinations. One reason people who get addicted to stimulants begin to lose their minds is that the brain quickly begins to break down when it doesn’t get proper rest.

While you can “push” yourself at intervals beyond what you may have thought possible, doing so continuously won’t help you. You need Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep in requisite quantities to your level of wakefulness. Otherwise you build up “sleep debt”, and gradually your health deteriorates.

You might put on weight or lose too much, you’ll have perpetual brain fog, and you’ll make unnecessary mistakes with regularity. You become a bull in a china shop you own. So the money you saved on a cheap mattress is outweighed by the opportunities you mess up and the mistakes you make down the line owing to improper sleeping patterns.There is a lot to be said for establishing a clear, reliable, predictable pattern of activity over the long term.

Good habits retain mental and physical acuity, ultimately facilitating more financial, emotional, and mental stability. If you don’t have a routine, you’re a bit like a bird lost after getting sucked up into a hurricane. You can still fly—but to where?

Securing A Good Night’s Sleep That Matches Your Needs

Since all people have different sleep needs, if you don’t get a mattress designed for you, you’re likely going to experience mental impact from lack of rest. They don’t want to be too cold, they need the blankets—but if you are a hot sleeper, it is nigh-impossible to get a good night’s rest. So instead of just trying to get a mattress so you’ve got a bed, put some thought into it.

If you’re over the age of twenty, getting a full night’s sleep will continue to be a difficult thing owing to general maturation in general—as people age, their rest declines, on average. So offset this psychologically damaging reality by finding the right mattress, and getting the rest you need.