12 Most Flattering Hairstyles for a Long Face

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If you have a long face shape, this is a really nice bonus to your appearance. those with this shape always look slimmer and even slightly taller than those with round or heart shaped faces. But, an important part of your appearance is your hairstyle, and it should perfectly match your face in order to achieve even greater effect. 

Sometimes we can choose a haircut that ruins our appearance (I’ve been there so many times…the pixie was not for me). For example, with an elongated bob shape you can appear completely“faceless” with a long face. That is why this article was written, here we will offer you some ideal haircuts for your face shape.

Let’s go!

12 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces to Look Shorter

Let’s outline the main characteristics of hairstyles that are suitable for elongated faces:

  • Do not get carried away with the super volume on top, as it will give your face an unattractive look. On the contrary, pay attention to the volume at the hair tips, as this will visually make the face a little wider and more voluminous.
  • For girls with elongated faces, bangs can be great, especially if combined with a high forehead. This will cover up some of the space on your long face and make you look more harmonious.
  • As mentioned earlier, avoid long and straight hair to avoid making your face look longer.

And now here are the very ideal haircuts for which we are all gathered here.

Chin-Length Bob with Blunt Bangs

A modern and stylish hairstyle for daring girls. Such a classic bob will perfectly shade the elongation of the face and add the desired volume. The bangs will cover part of the space and harmoniously fit into the overall picture.

Collarbone Length Waves with Deep Side Part

Curly hair is a great solution for a long face. These little curls will add extra width and are also very natural and attractive. In this case, you can vary the length yourself, but we recommend the average one.

Naturally Curly Hair with Center Part

Natural curl is a girl’s natural wealth. If you are one of those who constantly strive for straight hair – to curl, and wavy – to straighten, then stop doing it urgently. Curly girls are beautiful, and long hair is often unhealthy due to the use of hair straighteners. Take care of yourself!

Textured Blunt Long Bob (Lob)

Harmonious coloring or highlighting will allow you to bring this amazing hairstyle to life. When styled correctly, it blends perfectly with a long face and gives the oval a super shape! But you must take into account that it is worth adapting to such a styling and you need to learn how to do it correctly.

Vintage Boho Middle Part

An interesting form of haircuts from the past, but so relevant even now! This boho style will be in trend both in everyday life and at important events. Its advantage is also in simplicity and unpretentiousness. The shape gives the face lightness and corrects symmetry.

Extra Long Curls with Bangs

Long curls, unlike short ones, are more demanding, and it will take more time to lay them. But if you are ready for this – then this hairstyle is definitely for you! The bangs can also be not straight, but slightly curled to harmonize the image.

How do you like this option?

Face-Framing Layers

Layering and applying color gradation is definitely a good trend. A variety of palettes will look different depending on your appearance, so pick your own color. Layers of hair can be styled lightly and carelessly, or more neatly and discreetly. Choose for yourself!

Layered Cut with Textured Bangs

As with the previous option, the idea of layers on the hair is your winning option. In this case, it is good for long hair, and also looks no less fresh and pleasant. From the point of view of convenience, short haircuts are more practical, but if there is such a long wealth, then it definitely needs to be demonstrated.

Effortless Ombre on Long Hair

Ombre as a type of coloring is in perfect harmony with long faces hairstyles. At the same time, do not make a too clear transition, limit yourself to a smooth difference in color. Styling of this type is not whimsical, it is done naturally and simply. But this option will not work if you do not want to apply coloring to your hair.

Long Shag Haircut with Highlights

This hairstyle is called a pure classic, perhaps it will remind you of the characters from the films of the 70s. Such accents can perfectly set off the length of the face, the oblique bangs will give the desired imbalance and make you super attractive. If you are in favor of classic forms, then this option is definitely for you.

Modern Auburn and Brown Shag

Bulky bangs and a few short strands in the front make this a complete hairstyle. This shape perfectly frames the face, giving it freshness and novelty. A little “shaggy” look makes it not so formal and simple, but on the contrary revives and gives naturalness to your appearance.

Medium Shag For an Oblong Face

This hairstyle is easy to do with light styling such as foam or a special spray. Do not overdo it, as a big amount of such strands can weigh down the hair. And this is absolutely not profitable for you. Like the previous version, this is a classic model and it will suit those who consider themselves to be an elegant and restrained person.

Be sure to use these recommendations and apply one of the tips on yourself, then you can evaluate the result yourself and compare yourself with the previous one! Enjoy your reincarnations!

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