5 Steps to a Happier and Healthier You in the New Year

Posted January 21, 2024 by in Health + Fitness
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People often make health resolutions at the start of the year as this is a great opportunity to start fresh and start positive new habits and ditch negative ones. People also often give up on these resolutions quickly as simply “getting into shape” is too vague, and it can take a long time for results to show. Instead, it is better to be more specific and to take actions to improve your health.

Here are a few health tips for the new year, which will hopefully help you to improve both your happiness and your health:


Look After Your Hearing

It is often an area that is overlooked, but you must look after your ears and hearing so that you can avoid problems down the line. An ear wax clinic can help to remove earwax if this is a problem that you suffer with, which can help to improve your hearing and get rid of any feelings of discomfort that you might have. 

Ear wax removal at home is also possible if you would rather not leave your home to do it.

Find A New Active Hobby

Instead of simply “exercising more”, a good resolution is to find a new active hobby which will give you more purpose and could help to improve your mood, develop skills, help you to meet new people and more. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Competitive sports
  • Weightlifting

Learn A New Recipe Every Month

Eating a balanced diet is important for your wellbeing and will be vital for good health, but this can be challenging when you are always eating the same meals. This is why it is a good idea to try and learn at least one new healthy recipe each month which will keep you focused on eating well and give you greater variety throughout the week.

Reduce Screen Time

Today, many people spend most of the day looking at a screen; whether through working at a computer, watching television, or being on the phone or tablet. Reducing your screen time is important for your eye health, but you may also find that it has mental health benefits.

Too much screen time can cause a great deal of stress because you are constantly consuming information—this is particularly true when you are performing different tasks in a short amount of time.

Try to stop using screens an hour before bed, and you might be surprised at the benefits that this can bring.

Socialize More

Looking after your mental health is as important as your physical health, but this is an area that people often neglect. One of the best ways to improve this is to socialize more; having friends and family around is vital for good mental health. This should involve having fun but also having people that you can speak to about any difficulties that you might be experiencing. 

Try these tips over the year, and you should find that it makes a significant improvement to your health, wellbeing and happiness.

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