Four Essentials For a Memorable Proposal

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Asking your partner to marry you is perhaps the most important – and nerve-wracking – question you will ask in your life. With proposals seeming to be ever more extravagant on social media, involving fireworks, special performances, and other surprises, you might feel that simply getting down on one knee to pop the question is not enough. However, a special proposal does not have to be flashy – and expensive.

Here are four essential tips for a memorable proposal that your significant other will be unable to turn down:

Man proposing to woman at the beach.

Consider Family

While your partner’s family might not be overly traditional, asking their permission before you propose does show your respect for them and your intention to become a valuable addition to their family. Once their goodwill has been granted, however, make sure that they are sworn to secrecy – a slip of the tongue could easily ruin the big surprise.

Furthermore, once you have popped the question and your partner has hopefully accepted, ensure that your respective families are amongst the first people you tell, rather than having them discover the news on social media. 

Get the Right Ring

The engagement ring is an essential part of the proposal, so make sure you get it right. Consider your partner’s taste when shopping for beautiful engagement rings. For instance, do they prefer gold or silver-colored metals? Would they prefer a flashy and glamorous diamond cluster or something more understated? Have a look in their jewelry box to assess their taste in jewelry: you don’t want to buy a gold diamond ring if the rest of their jewelry is silver.

If your soon-to-be fiancée has a very close friend, they likely know your significant others dream ring. If you trust them with the big secret, it may not hurt to ask them. If your partner has a Pinterest page, you may want to take a look there as well.

Alternatively, you could play it safe by proposing with a cheap dummy ring before going jewelry shopping together once they have accepted your proposal. In this way, you can be sure that your fiancée loves their engagement ring and avoid any costly mistakes. 

Engagement ring in box on wood table.

Know How They Would Like to be Proposed to 

Some people dream of what their ideal proposal would look like, and the trick is knowing your partner well enough to sense what they would want. Some people, for instance, love the attention and special feeling of public declarations of love, whereas others might see this as unnecessarily cringe and attention-seeking and prefer something more private and intimate.

Proposing in a way that makes your partner feel loved and protected will make them more likely to accept. 


To avoid losing your nerve at the last minute, make sure that your proposal is well-planned. This might include booking a table at an exclusive restaurant and arranging with serving staff to deliver your ring to your table at the special moment. Or, you might want to write out a few special words explaining exactly what your partner means to you.

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A proposal is a nerve-wracking experience, so to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible, make sure that you reduce your stress levels by planning the event as much as you can in advance.

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