How to Decorate Your Bedroom for the Best Night’s Sleep

Posted May 31, 2023 by in Home

The bedroom is a haven within the home. This is where we retreat to for peace, privacy, and of course a good night’s sleep. However, despite the fact that we have this dedicated space for daily rest, the NHS estimates that one third of people in the UK will have episodes of insomnia throughout their lifetime. 

Thankfully, there are several simple ways you can adjust your bedroom design to aid better sleep without breaking the bank. Here’s how to decorate your bedroom for the best night’s sleep.

Minimalist bedroom decor with natural light and lots of houseplants

Optimise your bedding

First and foremost, review your bed. As your tool for sleep, this is the most important aspect of your bedroom décor. Ensure that your mattress and pillows are comfortable yet supportive, and additionally try to position the head of the bed near a window for a source of cooling fresh air at night. You should also optimise your bedding: it is best to choose breathable fabrics like cotton for your sheets as these are cool on the skin and help to regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

Use a calming colour palette

After your bed, the colour scheme is the most important aspect of a sleep-friendly bedroom design. A calming colour palette is recommended to help ease feelings of anxiety and encourage the body to wind down. Greens and blues remind us of nature and instil a sense of serenity, while neutral tones help to quieten the mind. Avoid vibrant colours as these are too stimulating and can hinder sleep.

Give thought to the lighting

It is advisable to have layered lighting in a bedroom, especially if you spend time in this space during the day as well as at night. In addition to overhead lighting which can be harsh, have a softer scheme made up of floor and table lights that are relaxed by pretty lamp shades. Not only is this light more gentle, using multiple lamps rather than one central light helps to create a sleep-inducing ambience.

Keep the space clutter-free

Another way of creating the best atmosphere for sleep is to keep the space clutter-free. An organised environment helps to promote an organised mind, thus clearing any worries or anxiety before sleep. Under the bed storage solutions is a great way to achieve a clutter-free bedroom, as are the more traditional wardrobes, cabinets, and bedside tables.

Reduce disruptive noise

We all know how frustrating it is to be woken up by noise in the middle of the night – and how long it can take us to fall asleep again. Take steps to reduce the chance of disruptive noise in your bedroom. This might include installing thicker curtains or a solid blind that work to cushion loud noises from outside. Those with real difficulty staying asleep might wish to investigate fans or white noise machines which mask intrusive sounds and create steady tranquil atmosphere throughout the night.

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