The Curly Girl Method—Transform Your Hair in Five Easy Steps

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Hair is one of the most prominent features of any person. A slight change in hairstyle can transform the entire outlook. But while there is a wide range of hair styling products and tools in the market, natural hair has an unparalleled charm. Different people have different hair types; ranging from silky straight to coil curly, each one is equally unique. Most people get frustrated while maintaining and styling their hair, but curly hair requires less product to carry. Although the maintenance process seems a hassle, the results they achieve are worth it. 

Curly hair requires a certain amount of work and styling to outshine its natural pattern. This process is popularly known as “The Curly Girl Method” or CGM, for short.

What Is The Curly Girl Method?

Lorrain Massey is the originator of this method, who wrote “Curly Girl: The Handbook.” The book discussed some excellent techniques to enhance your hair’s natural curls by adopting a simple routine and avoiding harsh chemical products. Because the effects of this method are ever-lasting, both males and females can quickly adapt to it. 

Moreover, CGM works as a repairing and styling process. It includes using products that only contain healthy ingredients instead of usual hair products with silicones and parabens. This method offers healing from within approach, and due to that, people get sustaining results. Even if you search for what are the most popular hairstyles in the US, you will see that the naturally curly hairstyle has superseded the trendier hairstyles.

So, if you are curious about how to transform your hair using CGM, here is a step-wise approach for you:

Step 1: Final Wash And Goodbye To Bad Products 

The first and foremost step towards your curly hair journey is to say goodbye to unhealthy products. Not only that but also to get rid of their residue. For this, you do one final wash with light shampoo like baby shampoo. Because this shampoo doesn’t contain bad silicons or alcohols, it cleans your hair without damaging it. After this final wash, you have to throw out all your shampoos.

Step 2: Co-Wash

The most crucial point of CGM is co-wash. People get confused with the term, but it merely means conditioner wash. Yes, it is weird, but in CGM, you wash your hair with conditioners. These conditioners again should be CG safe with no harmful ingredients.

Because the conditioners are different from regular shampoos, you have to scrub your scalp to cleanse your hair gently. For the rest of it, apply the conditioner thoroughly to achieve hydration. After 3 to 5 minutes of scrubbing, wash it off.

Step 3: Styling And Drying 

The second step of your wash routine is styling. Without this, you can not get those spiral curls. For this, tilt your hair forward and scrunch it. It will get rid of excess water and activate your curls. To avoid frizz, apply some conditioner in your hands. This conditioner will also work as a leave-in product that provides hydration and softness once the hair dries. 

Now, apply your styling products to hold the curls in place for a long time. These can range from mousse to hard gels. Depending on what suits your hair, you can create your collection of hairstyling products. Just Make sure they are CG safe, and you will be good to go. Lastly, for the final look, you need to dry your curls. For this, you can either air dry them or diffuse them on low heat if you’re in a hurry.  

Step 4: Scrunch Out The Crunch 

When the hair dries, sometimes a cast forms on the curls, resulting from products and diffuses. It encases the curl pattern, and hair appears stiff. To unleash your hair pattern, you have to scrunch this cast. Tilt your head and scrunch the hair with a damp cotton cloth. That will reveal your masterpiece without producing any frizz.

Step 5: Maintenance

Though the curly girl method is as simple as we discussed, it still requires some after work for long term results. For example, deep conditioning each week for healthy and hydrated curls is a good idea. Likewise, co-washing can often result in a buildup of products. And because CGM is a no shampoo approach, you have to scrub to get rid of this buildup.

These extra steps ensure you maintain your curls and the health of your natural hair.

CGM has gained immense popularity because of its versatile approach. People with different hair patterns can achieve their best hair using the same method. It can become tiring for some, but the results are entirely worth it.

If you are tired of using straightening irons and different heating tools to style your hair and look for a simple yet effective routine, then the curly hair method is the one for you.

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