A Perfect Fit: How to Measure Your Ring Size

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That perfect ring is not so perfect if it does not fit precisely. Most rings are very expensive, especially if they contain precious gemstones like diamonds. Before purchasing a special ring, individuals need to be sure they will get the perfect fit. Knowing how to size their finger the correct way is essential when shopping for beautiful engagement rings.

Sizing an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring from Ethan Lord is one that will be worn and admired for a lifetime. Before even starting on the process of purchasing the ring, a person needs to know the right size. For such an important purchase as an engagement ring, it is wise for individuals to take their fiancé in for a fitting at the jewelry store. This will ensure the precise measurements are taken and the ring is sized properly. 

Unfortunately, this would ruin the surprise, which is an important part of proposing. Thankfully, there are other ways to get a precise measurement and ensure the ring will fit beautifully, no matter the occasion for the purchase. 

How to Measure With a Printed Ring Guide

Many jewelry stores offer printable ring guides to help people choose the perfect size. These are fairly accurate when used correctly. The printed guide should be cut to size or marked, and it should be taken to the jewelry store when purchasing the ring. 

Methods for Sizing a Ring at Home

If it is not possible for a person to go to the jewelry store and get a professional ring fitting, there are methods that can be used to size a ring at home. It is important to follow the steps precisely to ensure the fit will be perfect. 

1. Use dental floss to measure the finger. Simply wrap a piece around the finger and cut the excess. Take this length of floss and measure it against a ruler for the correct size. For this method, you will need a six-inch strand of dental floss, a marker, scissors, and a ruler. Make sure to mark the end of the dental floss with the marker so it can be cut to the precise length. 

2. Using paper is also possible for measuring a finger for ring sizing. Take a piece of paper and cut it into a six-inch strip. Also have a marker or pen, scissors, and a ruler handy. You will use the same directions as with dental floss. Make sure to mark the end of the paper and then trim off the excess. Measure the strip of paper carefully to get the size. 

3. Individuals can also use one of their rings to size the new ring. This ring can be taken to the jeweler or you can use a ruler to measure it carefully. To get the size of the ring, measure the inner diameter. Refer to a ring size chart for the size, based on the measurement of the diameter. 

Helpful Tips for Measuring a Ring

Measuring for a ring should be done carefully to avoid any issues. The following tips will help to ensure the measurements are done precisely.

  • Consider temperature fluctuations and how they can change the measurements.
  • Measure several times, at different times during the day.
  • Use the dominant hand to take a measurement. 
  • Consider the size of the knuckle. 

Find the Perfect Size Today!

Purchasing a ring is exciting, especially if it is for an engagement or a special gift. Getting the right measurements will help to ensure the ring fits and looks beautiful. 

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